Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Parce!!

Saturday October 16 - We left early this morning for Bloomington.  Parce and Chokey were celebrating their birthdays at the IU vs. Nebraska game.  As we left at 7 a.m. we were able to beat the traffic down.  I was grateful for that as our engine and VSA light came on south of Kokomo and we were concerned that there was a serious issue with the van.

We made it, however, and met Cal at his dorm before 11 a.m.  He and Hannah-Marie decided to walk to Kirkwood from there and Doug took us straight to Parce’s.  We had found a Firestone dealer that was open on Saturdays and Doug dropped the van off after we unloaded it.  We were going to borrow Cal’s car, but he had a flat tire.  

While Doug walked back, Meg, Cam and I walked to the Farmer’s Market and the glass pumpkin festival.  The pumpkins were beautiful, but too pricey for us.  We made it back to Parce’s as Doug, HM and Cal showed up.  Cal had a coupon for a free t-shirt and Hannah-Marie got her first IU apparel.  From there they decided to walk to the game while Meg and I drove with Parce.  

Parking was a zoo and we couldn’t get a spot close to Chokey’s, but we found one across from the stadium.  We had to wheel the cooler and carry a few chairs quite a distance, but we made it.  There was a lot of great food at the tailgate and we were even able to visit with Pam, her Dad and her roommates from college as they had spots very close to Chokey’s.  When we got back Jackie and her children and Mike, Jeannette and Joshua were all there as well.  

Doug, Cam, Cal and HM went to the game while we walked back to Mike and Jeannette’s car with them.  They dropped Meg and I at the mall which we really appreciated.  Meg and I wanted to do some shopping while we were waiting for the van.  We had time to go Dick’s, Hot Topic, the Varsity Shop, and Yankee Candle before Doug called to say the van was ready.  I had Googled earlier what the problem may have been.  The internet was correct.  It was the spark plugs.  Thankfully, they were able to fix it before they closed at 6.  

Meg and I walked over to the shop to pick up the van.  I also made an appointment for Sunday morning for Cal’s tire.  I couldn’t believe they would be open then.  What a great find.  Meg and I were back at the game before halftime was over.  There was no one there to check parking passes, so we drove around a few barricades and made our way to Parce.  Once Doug went back into the game, we helped pack up and clean up the tailgate.  We dropped Parce at his vehicle and headed back to his apartment.  We had enough time to get Polar Pops before the fourth quarter started.  

The game was actually an exciting one.  Nebraska was ranked 10th coming into the game.  IU had a chance to beat them, but in the end lost 22-27.  Meg and I picked up Doug and Cam at Yogi’s as we couldn’t get to the stadium.  HM and Cal opted out of bowling, but Parce joined us.  It was a lot of fun as usual.  We then went to Upland Brewing Company for dinner where Cal and HM met up with us.  

We made it back to Parce’s to watch the last three innings of the Cubs vs. Dodgers game.  It was intense for awhile, but the Cubs pulled out a win on a grand slam pinch hit home run.  What a great way to end a fun day.! 

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