Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween Is Ready

Doug and Meg had sectional dinner after practice tonight and Cameron decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going golfing after school.  Thus, I decided to get out all of the Halloween.  There was more than I had remembered, so it took quite awhile.  It was fun, however, as I love October and the beautiful colors of fall.  I did have less than years past as I put some in the garage sale pile this summer.  I also filled a tote with decorations that I no longer wanted, but thought that Brett might want if he moves out on his own.

Cam called it quits after five holes.  He wasn't having his best round and had homework that he wanted to complete.  He and Mom picked up Penguin Point for our dinner.  Once he was done with his homework he helped put the basement decorations up.  My favorites are the Miller Lite bottles we still have from the first year of our marriage.  They were specially decorated for the holiday and look great with candles in them.

Meg and Doug enjoyed their dinner and were home close to 7.  I had just finished putting everything out.  Doug found a couple of items that I couldn't place and dusted our bedroom for me.  We celebrated the Halloween season by starting the movie Psycho with Cam.  What a great start to the holiday.

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