Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fashion Farm

Cade and Preston came over this afternoon to join us on our annual pilgrimage to Fashion Farm.  I wasn't sure if we would get to go as the weather called for storms most of the day.  The threat, however, only stopped the hay ride from operating.  Thus, we started with the mazes.  The corn this year was high enough that they couldn't see over it which made it a lot more fun, especially when the younger boys went for round two and Preston jumped out on them.  They forego the straw maze as they could see over the bales, but went through the straw tunnel without flashlights.

Next on our agenda was the Pumpkin Fantasyland.  This year's theme was Super Heroes.  I thought they did a nice job.  Not quite sure how Dolly Parton fit into the theme, but she does seem to make an appearance every year.  Afterward the four of them ordered ice cream and then headed to the pumpkin stand.  I believe that may have been their favorite part of the day.  Each picked out a decorative pumpkin and a few gourds.  We decided to wait until later to buy carving pumpkins as I was afraid they would rot before we made them into Jack O'Lanterns.

In the evening they all went to see Storks.  Doug and I ate dinner at Kelly Jae's while they were gone.  Mom picked them up for us and by the time we got back they were out playing Ghost in the Graveyard.  Preston and Cade both stayed until close to ten.  It was a long day, but a lot of fun.

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