Monday, October 3, 2016


There was a story posted on Facebook last week about clowns hiding in the woods attacking people in our area.  The post was a joke and if you clicked on it, it would say, "You've been clowned."  Somehow the students at Wawasee have come to believe that the story is true and the clowns are living in the woods behind Burger King.  Cam and Meg spent quite a bit of time this weekend laughing about it with Preston and Cade.  They even decided that Ronald McDonald was the king of this cult of clowns.  Cade had a plan.  They could all dress up as clowns and when they saw the cult they could say, "Hey."  

Although, the Heinisch children realize that the story is a hoax, my students and some of Meg's friends were convinced otherwise.  It didn't matter how much I tried to persuade them that there were no clowns living in the woods they just wouldn't believe me.  Meg said that she did the same at the high school, but too many stories were floating around that she couldn't disprove all of them.  With all of the stories I am very interested in seeing how many trick or treaters this year are dressed as clowns.  

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