Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cleaning Out

We spent quite a bit of time cleaning the upstairs this weekend.  Doug rearranged a lot of the furniture so that Meg could move into her new room.  He also switched Cam to Cal's twin bed to give Cam more floor space in his room.  Meg started on her dresser and clothes and I helped Cam with his.  Both got rid of quite a bit.  There is still plenty to do in both of them rooms.  Our goal is to have them all organized before we leave for Disney World.  I would love to get Meg's old room done as well, but that may take a lot more time.  Right now we have it full of everything upstairs that was Cal and Brett's.  Neither like sleeping up there anymore, so I guess I do not have to be in a hurry.  I would, however, like to get it done before Thanksgiving.

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