Saturday, October 29, 2016

Chess Time

Chess season started today for Cam as he had his first tournament of the school year.  It was held at Bethany and he and Doug spent the day there.  Cam moved up to the rated class and played well.  He ended up with three points and won a trophy for being first in the under 500 rated groupings.  He even won the 500 to 700 group as well as their first place winner only had two points.  At first he wasn’t sure about his decision to move up, but winning the last two matches really helped boost his confidence.  He has beaten all of the six graders in the novice section, so it was time for him to make the jump.  Tougher competition will only make him better.

Meg and I stopped by Bethany to check in on Cam and Doug around 11 a.m. Doug had to work concessions for the lunch rush.  We talked to Mary for a little while and then went shopping.  Meg found a dress for semi-formal that I really liked.  We even found shoes to match.  We were back at Bethany in time to see Cam get his trophy.  They had to serve at 5, so we took off as soon as Cam’s group was announced.  Doug stayed for a little while to help clean up.  We all made it to church in plenty of time.

Doug and I went to Chop’s for dinner tonight.  It was delicious as always.  We even tried new foods.  It was strange coming home as we had no children in the house.  That is definitely rare.

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