Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back to Reality

Cam and I were both up early so that he could make bell ringers this morning.  I was impressed that he wanted to go as we were pretty tired from our trip.  His first day back after Fall Break was actually yesterday, but we decided to pull him out so that we could enjoy one more day at Disney.  Mom brought up caffeine and donuts for breakfast.  That really helped.  Cam stayed after school for chess.  I met him in the cafeteria afterward for the basketball parent meeting.  Cam will play on the C team this year and is very excited about it as most of the 6th grade will be on the team with him.  Mr. Willems will be his coach again and the assistants will be the same as soccer. Cam likes that practices are not every night of the week, so he should have time for piano, chess and maybe oboe as well.  We are hoping that his team gets to play Milford 6th grade.

Cam and I were both home by 6:30 which was earlier than Doug.  He has a lot to do at work and will be very busy this week and next.  Meg also kept busy tonight.  She has a make up chemistry test tomorrow morning that everyone has told her is impossible.  She had a precalculus test before she left that was difficult as well.  Academically this has been one of her more challenging trimesters, but so far she has held up well.

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