Monday, October 10, 2016

A Quiet Evening

I heard Meg say to her Dad when we got home - "It was strange not to have soccer practice."  He agreed 100%.  It definitely was quieter tonight and I thought today how nice it will be to have a break for a little while.  We did keep busy after school, however.  Meg broke her glasses last week and we finally had the opportunity to stop at Walmart and order a new pair.  They even had ones that fit her current lenses which will get her through the next couple weeks and make a great backup pair.

Cam stayed busy as well.  He had his first middle school basketball open gym.  He said it went well.  He and Meg then had piano lessons.  After dinner we finished hanging up the shelves in Meg's room and can now officially check setting up her room off of our to do list.  She had quite a bit of Precalculus to keep her busy the rest of the night.  Cam was back outside working on his basketball skills once Doug put up the new net.  I  know they missed soccer, but it was nice not to be going 100 miles an hour until bedtime.  A little quiet now and then never hurts.  Not sure that they agree!

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