Monday, October 17, 2016

A new Day - A New Way

Today was a struggle at school.  It didn’t go the way I wanted it to.  It took me most of the evening, but I finally came up with a plan to help my students and make our class more manageable.  We will start tomorrow and see where that takes us.  I keep forgetting that this is the first year that I have taught 6th grade math.  There are gong to be curves thrown at me once in awhile.

While I was thinking of a plan for tomorrow I spent my time packing for Florida.  We had to go pickup Meg’s glasses after school and the rest of our supplies so that we could finish getting ready.  Doug mowed the lawn and ran errands.  By nine we were finally able to say that we were finished.  

Meg was still going strong on her studying, however.  She has a Precalculus test tomorrow and one in Chemistry as soon as we get back.  Cam stayed at Mom’s again.  They are going to go golfing when they get up and then cash in the change in our Minion bank.  One more day - I believe we are ready.

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