Friday, June 24, 2016

Week One is Done

At Caleb Glon's open house I spent some time talking to Michelle Hatfield about Parker's summer and his plans for next year.  Parker is attending Ball State in the fall, but for the summer he is working for her at Parker Hannifin a rubber factory.  I told her that Cal was planning on working at Adrift BBQ in North Webster, but they really only needed him a couple of nights a week and he wouldn't get more than 8 hours a week total.  She said to tell Cal to apply at Parker Hannifin and give her name as a reference.  She was sure that they would hire him.

Michelle then talked with Cal after we left and before he went to orientation he applied.  He had to do a drug test that took a couple of days to get the results, but he found out that week that he was hired.  He started there on Monday and after the first few days wasn't sure that this was for him.  The training was definitely boring, but by Wednesday he seemed to have more to do and that was a lot better.  The hours are great 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  I have been getting ups t 6:45 to make sure he was up, but he hasn't had any problems so far.  This also gives him his nights free.  This week he was able to go to Hannah Marie's basketball game and to take her to see her Dad as he was in the hospital for knee surgery.  He also gets paid e$12.50 an hour which is pretty good for summer employment.

We are proud of Cal for trying this.  We know that summer jobs after high school are not always a lot of fun.  Both Doug and I had ones that helped remind us that college was a lot better choice.  One day it will be a good story for him to share with his own children.

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