Saturday, June 4, 2016

Time to Celebrate

Last night we went to two graduation open houses - Jeremy's and Stephen's.  They were both nice and we enjoyed them.  Stephen had a taco bar and Cam really liked the cupcakes.  Jeremy's, however, was the top of the dessert train as it included an ice cream sundae bar from Joe's.

Today we spent the afternoon at open houses for Chase Rookstool, Sam Clark, Savannah Schwartz, Bethany Hapner and Cameron Adams.  Once again most of the parties had taco bars, but Cam finally was able to try Jimmy Johns as Savannah had that as her home.  He had refused since he threw up at one years ago in Bloomington.  Meg also went to all of these with us.  Cameron had his list of desserts starting with his favorite.  So far the ice cream sundae bar is still winning.  I didn't eat much, but did catch up with other parents and was able to get ideas for Cal's event tomorrow night.

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