Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Teacher Day

I took personal days yesterday afternoon and this morning.  I worked very hard last week to get my classroom cleaned and organized as I needed to be at home more this week with graduation.  It worked well as I really ran out of things to do this afternoon at school.  Meg went in with me and we moved the furniture in the hallway that I would no longer need.  We also took down anything left that I wanted put away, cleaned out the food and put all of the supplies from my shelves and desks in cabinets.  I still had to complete my grades and fill out the teacher last day list, but with two hours left we were done.

Thus, Meg and I decided to help other teachers.  She checked in with Mr. Troyer (or T-Money as she calls him.)  He didn't need a lot of help, but enjoyed listening to her catch him up on her freshmen year.  We also asked Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Brower, but they were doing fine, so we spent most of our time working on Mr. Larson's room.  She took down his bulletin board and I downloaded all of his Smart Board files to a USB and to Google Drive.  Meg spent a lot of time talking to him, but I don't think that he minded any at all.

I did meet with Mrs. Kaiser before I left.  After a lot of talk and deliberation I believe we have come up with a solution for next year.  Instead of the 80% day I will teach a half day and have three classes -7th grade health, 8th grade FACS, and Mastery Algebra - plus a Warrior Time.  Even though I won't have a prep time I like the schedule a lot better as I have less classes to prep for and I love teaching math.  It's worth trying for a year to see how it goes.

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