Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ready to See Brett

We spent the day packing, doing laundry and cleaning all in preparation to leave this evening for New Hampshire.  We travel enough that I have gotten used to the routine, but no matter how I prepare it always takes more time then I had planned.  I did take a break to take a walk before I picked Meg up from tennis. With that plus watering the flowers and filling the feeders I had 8300 steps by the time we left.  

Cam spent a quiet day at home.  After three days of golf tournaments he was fine with a break.  He was supposed to have a tennis lesson, but Shane cancelled.  In the end I believe that was easier on us.  

Cal had to work today, but we got to see him before we left.  He didn't have a lot of plans while we were gone except for hanging out with HM and working.  Parker Hannifin offered for him to switch to three twelve hours days with four off.  Unfortunately, it is nights which doesn't work in his schedule.

Mom rode with us to Goshen to meet Doug.  She took Doug's car back home for us and we all went to 7 on 7.  Soccer went well.  The girls won both games. Cam walked with me to finish off my FitBit steps.  We left Elkhart at 7:30 with the goal of making it past Cleveland tonight.  There is a lot of construction there and Doug wants to avoid it in the morning.  I bought Subway for everyone for dinner, so we should not have to stop until we are done for the night.  

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