Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Raccoon Run

Cameron started playing in a golf league at Raccoon Run last week.  It runs every Tuesday morning and once the boys play the required nine holes for a score, they can they stay and play more holes or work on chipping and putting.  Cameron has really enjoyed it so far, and I appreciate my Mom taking him.  He was pleased today as he scored 7 strokes better than the first week.  He was low score today.  Last week one of his golf friends had a play off for first, so Cameron caddied for him.  Today he decided to stay and play three more holes and felt he scored well.

Tuesday ends up being a very busy day for Cam as he also has oboe and soccer in Goshen.  He doesn't seem to mind especially on days like today that are cooler.  Tonight we told him that we would go to Buffalo Wild Wings after he got done and he liked that idea.  Doug was planning on running while we walked during Cam's practice, but instead he went home and worked on the tree.  Mom brought him halfway back to Bethany Christian and Meg and I picked him up.  That way we would only have one car at dinner.  Doug said he got a good start on the tree, but it looks like we will need a new chainsaw to finish the job.  

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