Saturday, June 11, 2016

More and More Open Houses

I believe that most of the seniors we know had their open houses today.  It worked out well for us to go as we didn't have a lot going on.  Meg and Cam tagged along again and he had a chance to try more desserts.  Cal went to a lot of the same ones that we did, but in a different order.  He started in North Webster at Michael Seamen's and then headed to Nappanee for Nick LeCount's.  Cameron Adams went with him and then he met up with Hannah-Marie.

The four of us started at Alexandria's.  It was nice and they had homemade ice cream to try.  After that we went to Cassidy Manning's.  Cam liked the desserts there as they were unique and not the typical cake.  He also liked that they had swimming available.  We spent a lot of time visiting with Cheryl and the Rensbergers.  To end the day we stopped at Maddie Birch's.  It was outside like the first too, but it felt a lot hotter.  All three girls had invited different groups of people at each, so we got to visit with a lot of families this afternoon.

After the open houses Doug and I went to dinner in Goshen.  We had planned on going to Kelly Jae's, but they were closed for a private party.  Instead we ate at Verruci's.  The menu is mostly speciality pizza and Doug picked a good one for us to try.  We were home early enough to have a bonfire with the Heinisch children.  Cal was out later than the rest of us as he went to several more open houses.  He felt like I did when he got home - ready for some down time.

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