Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last of the Open Houses

We started the afternoon at church for a reception to honor Father Hire.  He is officially retiring as a priest although I believe that the deacon has been doing most of the mass these past few months.  Father Hire has been at our church for over a decade and the first child he baptized at St. Martin's was Cameron.  The Heinisch children really like him, but realize that it is time for him to take it easy.  At one of the masses Meg and Cam were altar servers at he confused the homily and the gospel.  Overall, they have good memories of him at our church, however, and we wanted to say goodbye.

After the reception the four of us went to Jayce's open house.  It was held at the community center in Milford.  Sharon was stressed out about the desserts as she knew Cameron would be ranking them after today's visits.  Luckily, she had chosen a Lance's cake and those are a sure thing.  She also had delicious cookies to try as well.  In fact all of her food was wonderful and we each ate more at this one than any other besides ours.  We also liked looking at all of his pictures as many of them included Cal.

After Jayce's we stopped at Caleb Glon's.  He and Cal are going to room together at IU.  Caleb's was a lot of fun as well as they had a big backyard with a lot of shade.  Cam and I started playing corn hole and pretty soon everyone was joining in.  Caleb's Dad, Jay, challenged me to a match and beat me.  I don't remember the last time I lost, but I still enjoyed playing.

Doug had one more open house to attend for one of his soccer players.  After that he and I took a long walk.  I am glad that we have been able to get to as many open houses as possible.  We have not made all that we were invited too as there were a lot, but between Doug, Cal and I we did our best.

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