Sunday, June 5, 2016


Today was such a wonderful day to celebrate Cal's high school career.  The ceremony was short, but very nice.  The students spoke well and the administrators kept the processional line moving.  Afterward we took pictures in the backyard before the guests arrived.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  Pam, Phil and Carl came out yesterday and most of our time was taken up getting ready for the event.  It was nice to have a little bit of time before his open house started at 5.  Doug used the time to make sure we had enough brats, hot dogs, meatballs and queso dip.  I had picked up the two cakes yesterday - one chocolate and one white, both decorated in IU colors to match all of the other decorations we had hung up.

I spent a lot of time in the last month preparing for the day and I was proud of the frames that I had made for Cal.  I used the school days, Halloween, Christmas card and IU ones we had at Brett's only changing out a few pictures.  I added ones for golf, tennis and Cal's friends.  I even made a new one this week that included the pictures he and Jayce took with Marci.  A couple of days ago I went through the medals, trophies and plaques that were Cal's and picked out ones that I thought he would like displayed.  I had even bought an extra 2016 tassel to display as I knew his cap and tassel would never make it back home from the cap toss at the end of today's ceremony.  (I was right about that one.)

With all of the food prep and decorations completed we were ready to celebrate.  The guests arrived early and proceeded to flow in and out through the next three hours.  Cal had told his friends that the Heinisch brat record was nine and several vowed to beat it.  He did an awesome job greeting his guests and entertaining everyone.  Most ate outside and then played badminton and corn hole.  Several of the young children really enjoyed the swing set and a lot of our family and friends stayed an hour or more.  Cal also had several teachers stop by as well as his high school friends.  In fact we were impressed with how many people visited our home today.  It was a true testament to his personality.  As he and Hannah Marie read through the cards tonight I couldn't help but feel proud.  Cal accomplished a lot in his high school career and he did it in his own way.  He didn't ask for a lot of help and never followed the crowd.  He was a leader among his peers and I can't wait to see where life takes him from here.

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