Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Golf Tournaments

Cam has played a lot of golf this week.  On Monday Mom and Dad took him to Knollwood for a nine hole tourney through the Michiana Junior Golf Tour.  He called once he finished to let me know that there were two groups still out and he was in third place with a 43.  He was pretty happy with that, although he had a few holes that he felt he could have scored better on.  The best score in the last two groups was a 44 so Cam was a medalist this time.  He was pretty proud of that.

Tuesday he played at Raccoon Run and finished low score for the day.  Today he played in his first Indiana Junior match of the season.  It was at Honeywell in Wabash.  Mom and Dad took him.  It went well as he finished 6th out of 12 scoring a 95 for 18 holes.  He said that he had three tough holes in which the water came into play, but he was thrilled that he finished with a birdie.  They stopped at a diner on the way home and were back by 3:30 or so.  Cam gave me and Doug a hole by hole and a shot by shot description of his round.  Happy that he had fun and learned a lot today.

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