Friday, June 3, 2016

Golf Sectional

Today was the day we had been waiting for all season - golf sectional.  Last year was so incredibly disappointing and we all hoped for a better outcome.  Doug, Cam, and my parents all made it for the 8 a.m. tee off and by the time I got there I was extremely hopeful.  Cal had shot a 36 on the back nine and was in third place individually overall.  I knew from last years scores that he needed to shot a 75 to make it out of sectionals and was positive that he could do it.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.  He ended up with a 79 overall ending his high school career.  It was a good score and we were proud of him.  He was disappointed until he saw that it was a tougher field this year and even a 75 would have barely done it.  His team also played a lot better than anyone expected.  Their worst score was an 86 overall and they were all pleased with it.

As Cal was finishing I ran to Little Caesar's to get the boys pizza.  Steve couldn't make it to Sectionals as he has been having a serious problem with kidney stones.  Rob coached them well, however, and had planned to take them to dinner afterward.  They all enjoyed sitting outside Rozella eating pizza, however.  Sectionals didn't end the way Cal wanted, but as he said, it was a lot better than last year.  Missing by one individually and as a team was a heartbreaker.  This season has been a lot more fun.  Sad that it was over.  It's been a great decade of watching him play.  Proud of how well he has led the team this year.  He has grown into such an awesome young man.

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