Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Night and Friends

Both Meg and Cam had friends over this evening.  Meg had a movie night with Dylan and Kaitlin.  They both came over around 3 and stayed until after nine.  They decided to watch Hair Spray as all of them like it.  It definitely is one of my favorites.

Cam had JJ over once Bright Time was done this afternoon.  His Mom had asked several times if he could spend time at our house, but this was the first time that it worked schedule wise.  He and Cam had a lot of fun playing outside.  Doug brought home Little Caesar's for everyone and built a bonfire.  The badminton net got a lot of use today and everyone had a great visit.  Glad that we could have everyone here and that the Heinisch children feel comfortable inviting their friends into our home.

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