Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Today was  a day of firsts for Cameron.  He started with oboe lessons which was a first for him.  He had really wanted to take them this spring, but we just didn't have time.  It went well today and he learned a lot already.  The most important lesson was how to take apart and put together his oboe.  That made a big difference and his instructor fixed a bent key which helped with the squeaking.  He has a new book and lessons to practice for next week.

Tonight Cameron also started practicing with the middle school soccer team for the first time.  He is still unsure that he wants to play, but he did have fun.  We told him to stick to goalie or fullback as he does very well in those positions.  The coach was nice and there were at least eight other middle schoolers there.  His favorite part was playing the different games, especially four on four.

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