Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

I believe that Doug had one of the best Father's Day weekends he has ever had.  We always try to do something that he is interested in and this one and this one was right up his alley.  The only down part was the drive home, but thankfully we left early and beat the traffic.  Thus, we had a nice afternoon and evening here to enjoy.

After lunch Doug and Cameron went to the golf course to play nine holes.  Cameron continued on with my Mom to play the back nine.  Doug was thrilled with his score - a 46 with four pars.  That is his best in quite awhile.  Meg invited Preston over as they haven't done anything in awhile.  They spent a lot of their time outside and once again got the giant frisbee stuck in a tree!!  Cal spent the afternoon at Hannah Marie's.  They were out on the lake for a good part of it and he came home with sunburned legs.  Doug and I took a nice, long walk once he got back from golf.

My parents joined us for dinner tonight.  Doug cooked out on the grill and we all watched the end of the US Open.  After that we opened gifts.  Doug liked his new shirts and trail mix, but I believe that Dad and he liked the playing cards with family pictures on it the best.  Either way, it was a wonderful day/weekend and I am glad that we got to celebrate what an awesome Father Doug is.

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