Thursday, June 9, 2016

7 on 7

Tonight was the first 7 on 7 soccer game in Elkhart.  I drove Meg and and Megan Bray up to it.  So far Doug will not have to drive the white bus as only a couple of girls need rides.  It is hard for him to get back from Bristol to drive all the way to NIBCO field.  Meg will actually miss the last couple of 7 on 7 games as she is going to be at camp for two weeks this summer.  Doug said that he had no problem with that as she attends more soccer than anyone else.

Tonight went very well for the girls.  They are listed as a B team in the league meaning that they have both JV and Varsity on their team.  They played against another B team and lost by one goal.  The team actually started off slow or I believe they would have won.  Their goalies were also absent so each had to take a turn in goal.  They did a nice job at it.

The next game was against a C team - all JV.  Wawasee destroyed them winning easily by 10 goals.  In fact I got so lost in my book at one point I didn't even notice when they started playing again.  That was how lopsided it was.   Meg scored a total of six goals tonight.  I thought she played very well.  Her kick has gotten stronger and she passes well.  I believe that the team as a whole may even be better this year than last.

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