Thursday, May 12, 2016

When it Rains, it Pours . . .

What a day today.  We hit the ground running and didn't stop until late at night.  Meg had NLC tennis in Plymouth, Cal had golf at South Shore, my parents had tickets to see Johnnie Mathis from our Christmas gift to them and the annual Spring Arts Festival at Milford was this evening.  To add to the mayhem Steve let us know late last week that it was also senior night.  With all of the craziness we had to pick and chose, so we decided that it was Cal's last senior night at golf and Doug and I would attend that.  Meg didn't seem to mind that no one was going to Plymouth and Cam likes following at golf, so that made our decision even easier.

Meg left right after school armed with her racket, sub and ibuprofen.  Mom picked Cam up for me so that I could set up for the Spring Arts Festival.  Doug, Cam and I were at the golf course by 4:30 which was the proposed start time to introduce the senior boys.  Not sure there has ever been a golf team with nine seniors, but Wawasee held it's own tonight.  Steve introduced each boy with his parents and talked about their favorite golf moment, future plans and words for their family.  It was very nice and each boy had a carnation for his Mom and a gift bag filled with candy.  There were a lot of group pictures by the time they teed off.  All nine seniors played this evening almost completing the JV/Varsity roster.

Cam, Doug and the Lamles all followed Cal.  As they got started I headed back to get the food.  Just as I got home I saw lightening.  That caused a 30 minute delay.  Elkhart Memorial wanted to call it, but Steve asked them to wait the 30 minutes as it looked like it would learn.  Just as I returned they sent them back out.  Doug had left by this time as he had county council.  Before they delayed Cal had birdie number 2 and tripled three.  His round seemed to go that way all night - a great hole followed by an unlucky one.  In the end, however, he turned in the lowest score for his team as they finished ahead of both Elkhart Memorial and Concord.  The boys were relieved and so was Steve as it is always hard to follow a great round up with another one, but they did it and are now 4-0 in conference play.

Everyone met in the lounge afterward for pizza and cake.  The boys appreciated the thought and we enjoyed their enthusiasm.  Doug stopped by Milford to help put all of the items I got out for the Spring Arts Festival away.  The doors were locked, so he headed home.  I went back over and thanked everyone who put my sewing projects in my room.  That was a big help as we finished an hour later than I thought we would.  As tired as I was when I got home, it was such a great day all I could do was smile.  I am so glad that we have been able to share these memories with Cal.  It really has been an awesome senior golf season.

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