Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Senior Honors Night

Meg had tennis sectionals at Warsaw tonight right after school.  We were all able to get there to watch the first round.  Wawasee drew Columbia City and Meg had an easy match for once.  They had several players ill, so they moved up their JV #2 singles and Meg beat her quickly 6-1, 6-1.  We found out later that everyone on the team won except for our #2 singles.  Thus, the girls live to play another day.

I was glad that it was over early as tonight was also Senior Honors Night and I needed to be home by 7 p.m.  Cal wasn't sure that he wanted to go, but I asked him to as he had applied for several scholarships and would be given honor cords for being a part of the Academic Hall of Fame and receiving a medal for earning an honors diploma.  Cal sat with us and we were surprised at how quickly the evening proceeded.  When Brett had his it was almost three hours long, but this was completed in an hour and a half.  Cal was not only honored for the academic achievements mentioned, but he was also awarded a scholarship from the Knights of Columbus for $1000 and the Camelot Sports scholarship for a $1000.  We were thrilled with both.  The money will help with college expenses and we appreciate him being recognized.  The only disappointment in the entire evening was finding out that he missed graduating with distinction by .06 points.  Once Cal found out that he would only be receiving a pen set, he seemed alright with it.  Overall, it was a great end to his academic career.

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