Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Return of Piano

Meg was finally able to to go to piano again this afternoon.  She had taken time off during tennis season and had last seen Mrs. Meek over Spring Break.  Both were excited to be there.  Meg has been playing Send in the Clowns and Hey Jude.  Cameron is working on Eight Days a Week.  They both want to order new music this summer.

I love that they are always enthusiastic about lessons.  Neither one complains when we go and they love talking to Mrs. Meek about music and everything else in their lives.  Even though Meg has not been going to lessons this last six weeks, she practices all of the time.  I love listening to her play.  She asked me what my favorite song is that she plays.  It is still Over the Rainbow, but the theme to Beauty and the Beast is a good one as well.  Cameron has renewed everyone's interest in the Beatles just like he did with Willie Wonka.  So glad to have them both back at it.

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