Monday, May 9, 2016

Packing and More Packing

I was home today.  Started off with a migraine, but overall not as bad as the one I had last week.  By lunchtime I felt a lot better and was able to help Brett finish packing and ate lunch with him.  He made three piles - New Hampshire, Home & Trash.  Mom had tubs for us to borrow and we packed up what he wanted us to keep.  I wasn't sure how much of what he wanted to take that we would be able to fit in the Civic.  A dresser was out of the question, but he had bought several long storage tubs that stacked and they made a great place for his clothes.  Since he doesn't know how long he will be in New Hampshire they will be easy to move as well.  He did take a small nightstand along with all of his necessities such as bedding, towels, etc.  He also packed a couple of keep sake items as well along with several books to read, a Nintendo 3-Ds and DVDs.

Mom, Dad and Cameron all took Brett out to dinner tonight and to the comic book store.  Meg's tennis match was moved from Plymouth after school to South Bend at 7.  Doug was already at Knollwood for Cal's golf match, and I was feeling well enough to meet him there before Meg played.  Cal scored well, led his team and almost upset Penn.  They finished just as it started sprinkling.  Doug and I both drove to the South Bend Racquet Club to watch the girls play Plymouth.  The match didn't take long.  Meg did her best and won a few games, but this was a good team and the girls lost 5-0.

We were home by 9:30 in time to help Brett get the last minute items in the car.  He can see out the back, but definitely has maximized the use of the storage space in his vehicle.  We went over a lot of different safety tips and he feels good about starting out in the morning.

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