Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

What an awesome Mother's Day present - Meg's "debut" at Round Barn Theater at Amish Acres.  The show was Forever Plaid and it will forever be in my memory.  I wasn't sure that we should have gone today, as we had a lot to do to get Brett unpacked and repacked for New Hampshire.  Brett really wanted to see it, and I am so glad that we decided to go.  The show was great with a lot of comedy and songs.  The actors "died" in the 1960s and were back for one last performance.  During it their piano player had to "take a union break."  They asked the crowd if anyone knew how to play Heart & Soul on the piano.  Meg raised her hand and they pulled her up on stage with them.  She played on a miniature piano flawlessly while they sat around her and sang the song.  They then started dancing and she joined right in just like it was planned.  It was awesome and definitely one of the best Mother's Day gifts I have ever received.   She even got a honorary plaid certificate and a plaid pack of gum.

We couldn't wait to get home and tell Doug and my parents.  Grandpa Cutes is always telling us that we have to be ready in case they call out for volunteers.  We always laughed about that, but lo and behold they did it and Brett, Cam and I were witnesses.  Doug made a fantastic dinner for all of us and to top the evening off he and the Heinisch children gave me a purple Fitbit.  I had really wanted one and am looking forward to trying it out.

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