Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Day of School Part #2

Today was Meg's last day of her Freshman year.  She was annoyed as they had an ECA in Honors English and she just wanted to be done already.  She did well on it and by the end of the day was positive that she would have all A's this trimester.  We have been very impressed with Meg's work ethic towards school.  She takes notes, completes all of her work and studies for tests.  It was different with the boys as they had no problems in middle school and didn't really learn how to study until high school as classes weren't challenging until then.  Meg had so many problems with her eyes that she had to learn how to learn well before they did.  It has served her well this year as she will finish in the top ten in her class.

Cameron enjoyed today playing golf with Grandma.  His school ended on Friday with field day all afternoon.  Everyone kept telling him that it would be different than field day at Milford.  He didn't believe them at first, but sure did once he experienced it.  There were activities that kept the students moving, but did not solely revolve around track events.  Just like everything at Bethany Christian this year, Cameron loved it.  He definitely has made the transition well and we couldn't be happier for him.  It has been a fantastic first year.

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