Monday, May 23, 2016

Joe Bob Harris Turner

Tonight was the Bob Turner golf tournament at Tippy.  It is the second 18 hole event that the boys play in on a week night.  We have been calling it the Joe Bob Harris tournament all Spring as the other 18 hole tournament that they play in is also named after an individual.  We all enjoy this tournament as Tippy Country Club is a beautiful place to walk along.

Cal usually plays well at this tournament and tonight was no exception.  He led his team with a 78 and they placed a lot higher than they thought they would.  Meg and I spent a lot of time following Jayce and Cameron Adams after the first nine.  Mom, Dad, Doug and Cam were all there with Cal.   It was a wonderful night for golf and brought back a lot of fond memories of the years that we were members at Tippy.  Everyone is too busy now to make a membership worthwhile, but we sure did love BINGO.

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