Sunday, May 22, 2016

He's Legal

Friday was Cal's 18th birthday, but we had to hold off the celebrating until today as he was in Indianapolis for an AP field trip.  We had a beautiful day to celebrate and invited my parents and Hannah-Marie over for dinner.  It was nice enough to eat on the patio and Mom provided the dessert - apple dumplings.  Hannah-Marie had already given Cal his gift, but we still hadn't.  Doug and I bought him a new iPhone 6S which he really appreciated. Meg and Cam gave him accessories for his new phone along with some spicy trail mix and cashews.  My Mom scored big giving him a bag of Pay Days and a baseball hat that said "Stupid" on it.  He wore it with pride and spent the next ten minutes looking for his birthday money.  He was sure that it was in the bag of Pay Days, but HM finally suggested to him to look in the brim of his hat and sure enough it was there!!  It has been a wonderful weekend full of beautiful weather and a great one to celebrate Cal coming of age.

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