Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Awesome Start

Tonight was a crazy night with Cal having a golf match in Plymouth, Meg playing in Warsaw and Cam with a tennis match in Goshen.  We decided the best way to handle it was to divide and conquer.  My parents went with Cam.  I met Meg in Warsaw and Doug headed to Plymouth.  Cal's team was pitted against Plymouth and Northwood at Plymouth Country Club for their first match of the NLC regular season.  Doug got there by the second hole and let us know that Cal was playing well.  His plan was to finish nine with Cal and wait to see how the team finished before stopping in Warsaw to watch Meg.

Meg started late as she drew Northridge in the first round of the NLC tournament and they are always one of the last teams to arrive.  Meg played a lot better than the last time she took on Northridge #3 singles, but still lost 6-0, 6-0.  She got something to eat and took some more ibuprofen before her second match of the night started.  She had to play the #3 from Northwood.  Once again Meg played well, but just couldn't finish out with the victory.

While Meg was playing Northwood Mom, Dad and Cameron arrived from Goshen.  Bethany Christian won overall, but Cam and Caleb had a tough opponent and lost their match.  Cam was disappointed, but as we know from watching tennis lopsided matches happen a lot.  He has really improved and enjoyed the season.  That's what counts for now.

Doug also arrived during Meg's second match and had the best news of the night.  For the first time since Cal's 8th grade the Wawasee golf team beat Plymouth.  In fact they won by 2 which was the difference between Cal's score and his opponents on the last hole.  The boys were ecstatic.  In fact when I picked Meg up later at the high school they were driving around honking and screaming at each other.  Of course I joined in just to embarrass Meg.  Their victory tonight over Plymouth and Northwood puts them in first place in the NLC at 2-0 with Memorial and Concord to play tomorrow night.  What an awesome start to the NLC season!

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