Friday, May 6, 2016

Academic Hall of Fame

Last night was a special night for all of us as Cal was inducted into Wawasee's Academic Hall of Fame.  He was one of 34 students who were honored. Each met the criteria of earning a 10.0 or higher during their high school career.  In recognition of Cal's achievement we were invited to dinner and he was allowed to ask a teacher that influenced his education to join us.  Cal invited Mr. Caz Szynal, his 8th grade science teacher.

We had a wonder visit with Mr. Szynal and were happy to find out that Alexandria had invited Mrs. Szynal as well.  Thus, our table was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the conversation.  Once Mrs. Szynal welcomed everyone and the principals talked, each student was recognized individually with a certificate and had a picture taken with their respective teacher.  As the ceremony drew to a close Mr. Szynal asked us if we wanted to read the letter Cal wrote him.  It was very touching.  I had forgotten how much he meant to Cal and I am glad that Cal was able to express it in words.

Tonight was special to me for other reasons as well.  I was the first class to be inducted into the Wawasee Hall of Fame with a dinner and special recognition.  Cal and Brett also chose two of my favorite middle school teachers to be a part of their experience as well.  It was definitely a proud parent moment and one I will remember for many years to come.  

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