Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Today I finally finished Cal's DVD for graduation.  There were so many pictures that I could have added, but once I got to 100 I figured that was enough.  Doug, Cam and I previewed it once I finished and so far have been pleased with how it has turned out. I found an easier way to produce it than when I did Brett's three years ago.  Thus, it is completed earlier and better.  I am sure that each time one of the Heinisch children graduates I will find it a little easier to get ready for.

I loved going through all of the pictures.  We had a lot of awesome ones.  There were many that had to do with basketball which was bittersweet, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed sorting through them all.  I still have the frames and binder to finish, but will take a break from that for while so that I can finish Cal's invitation.  We definitely are making progress.

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