Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joys of Being a Mother

The last two days have reminded me of how much I love being a Mom.  Yesterday afternoon Brett, Cam, Meg and I spent the afternoon together.  Our first stop was the pet store as Cosmo and Apollo were both in need of having their nails trimmed.  The pigs may not have enjoyed the adventure, but it was fun listening to the Heinisch children talk about their many adventures pets in tow.  There was also the typical arguing about songs, movies and televisions shows.  No one ever wins these debates, but they sure make a lot of noise trying.  We were able to check out the black Friday comic book store sales before heading back.  All seemed happy with their purchases.  Even trying to find a car wash become a comical adventure for the four of us.

Today the four of us continued our adventures as we went to the matinee performance of the new Disney movie, Frozen.  I had my doubts about the movie, but fortunately I was wrong.  The movie was a great family film, and all of us were glad that we took the time to see it before Brett heads back to IU.  When we got home, Brett's friend Michael was here to visit with him for a couple of hours.  It is always nice to have the boys' friends here. Someone is always laughing.

Tonight we witnessed Cal make his debut on the basketball court after two months of rehab.  He was only in for two and a half minutes, but it was wonderful to see him be able to run again.  He even touched the ball a couple of times and got a shot off before the coach replaced him.  Definitely starting to move again - not quite a 100%, but closer.  Although I do not think I took a breath the entire time he was in, it was a nice moment to end a great couple of Mom days.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Date Night

Doug and I try to go out alone once or twice a week for a couple of hours to catch up on all that is happening in the Heinisch Home.  Sometimes we stop for dinner, other times we go shopping, and in warm weather we always try to include a walk.  Tonight, however, date night took on a whole new meaning.  On this trip Cal asked us if we could take him and his girlfriend to a movie.  I was a little surprised, not that he wanted to go with her to the movie, but that he was alright with us taking them.  He is definitely the least likely to share personal information with us, but that seems to be getting a little easier for him this year.

We happily agreed to take them.  Although neither were extremely chatty on the way to "Catching Fire," we did get to hear a little about what they have been up to - Black Friday shopping, books they like, etc.  Her mom wanted to pick them up from the movie and take them to dinner, so our time together was limited to twenty minutes or so.  No matter the time, it was nice to be included, and Doug and I enjoyed our own date night out for dinner.  

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday - A Day Early

Since we had the traditional turkey dinner on Sunday with Doug's parents, we decided to make lasagna the staple on this Thanksgiving day.  This seemed fine with my Dad as he claimed several times that 90% of all Americans hate turkey anyway.  I stayed out of the conversation as I had hit my limits in turkey eating sixteen years ago when I was pregnant with Cal.  Something about the fat on the turkey turned my off that day and I have not been able to stomach it since.  Cal and Brett, however, did point out to my Dad that turkey sandwiches are offered everyday on their high school cafeteria lunch, so someone has to like turkey.  I think then someone mention that 79% of stair accidents happen on the stairs and the conversation ended in laughter.

We had an enjoyable afternoon.  Brett was able to take a few Michael Myers pictures revolving around the Thanksgiving table.  Cal worked on an IU puzzle and joined in several games of pool.  I talked everyone into playing Pit - a new family favorite.  Meg spent time on the computer.  My Dad retold a story that I had heard many times over about a cat, flea powder and a pillowcase that does not end well for the cat.  I didn't realize that the rest of the Heinisch family had not heard the story.  Even Doug had a hard time composing himself after that one.

The late afternoon conversation revolved around our plans for the rest of the day.  Some wanted to see a movie - Frozen.  Others wanted to hangout at Grandma's and Meg and I desperately wanted to join in the Thanksgiving Day - Black Friday shopping that was beginning at 8 p.m.  After a lot of deliberation, a plan was made - Cal and Cam were going to hang out at Grandma's playing Uno with them.  Doug, Brett, Meg and I were going to head to University Park Mall.

Don't know what was more fun, watching Cal carry his puzzle over to his Grandma's or watching all of the people at the mall.  Either way it ended up being a great evening.  Meg was able to find some awesome clothes and headphones at Hollister's all of which were 50% off, plus, Chilly, the snowman, on sale at the Disney Store.  I absolutely love what I bought at Yankee Candle, all on sale as well.  Brett, of course, bought a book, and with Doug's 20% off, also got a great deal.  The only disappointment of the night was the lack of restaurants open on this busy evening.  Luckily, leftovers a plenty awaited us at home.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Cameron couldn't wait for Thanksgiving break to start today.  He even told his teacher that he might get picked up early this afternoon.  I hated to burst his bubble, but he made it through the day and jumped in my van at 3:05.  Meg was even glad to have a break from school.  She finished "Little Town on the Prairie" and wanted to have some time to read "These Happy Golden Years."  I couldn't blame her for that.  Although all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books are great reads, those two are definitely the best.

We made our end of the week stop at Casey's for drinks and snacks.  The next hour was spent in everyone's least favorite way - picking up.  They house, however, looked fabulous when Doug got home at 5:15.  I even had time to polish the granite countertops.  There was a caveat at the end of our quick cleaning session - Cal had promised to bring home some of the Varsity basketball players for a game of Risk with Cam, Brett and even Doug if they needed a sixth.  Cam could think of nothing else.

Cal did not disappoint him.  At 6 p.m. four of Cal's friends stopped by the Heinisch Home for a night of game playing.  Unfortunately, Sam didn't check with his Mom first, so when he called home, she informed him that there was a houseful of Clarks awaiting his return.  Thus, his stay was short lived.  That still left David, Jayce and Cal to battle Brett, Cam and Doug in a game of total world domination.

Meg and I had decided to sit out the game playing by reading and catching up on bill paying.  We took breaks several times to watch a movie or chat about Laura and Almanzo.  Doug ordered pizza for all and dinner seemed to be well appreciated.  Unfortunately for Cam, he was the first one out.  According to him he had the worst Risk strategy ever.  David was the next one out but made it quite a bit longer.  Definitely the quiet one of the bunch, we appreciated his politeness as he thanked us several times for including him.

While the game playing in the basement continued, Meg, Cam and I were able to get in a few rounds of UNO.  Cam kicked our butts, but we didn't complain to loudly.  During this time we received several updates from the Risk group.  Brett finally gave up as he felt it was leading to a stalemate.  Cal was the next one out and by ten o'clock Doug and Jayce agreed to call it a draw, but not without a lot of loud banter seeping through the Heinisch walls.

Overall, it was a lot of fun.  Definitely, a great way to start our Thanksgiving vacation.  I can see now why Cam wanted to day to start early.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma Jane!

Today is Grandma Jane's 70th birthday.  We celebrated with her on Sunday and gave her a gift (a photo album recaping a year in the Heinisch home.)  Today Brett and I took lunch over to her and played Qwirkle with her and Grandpa Cutes.  It was a lot of fun, even though Grandpa won.  According to Cal that hasn't happened since 2012.

My Mom spent her birthday evening at a high school ball game.  Cal wasn't able to play in the JV game because of his ankle, but they went to support him and his teammates.  On the way back they stopped to pick up Cameron.  Another Tuesday night means another night at Grandma's.

I have to believe that it was a great day for her.  She got to spend time with her grandchildren.  They love doing things with her and she feels the same way.  We appreciate her help with our daily routine.  She may complain about getting old, and Cameron may tease her about being 74, but no matter her age she is an important part of the Heinisch children's lives.  Happy Birthday Grandma Jane!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hanging Out With Brett

I hustled home from school today at 11:30 a.m. to catch up with Brett.  We decided to head to Wal-Mart and see what was on sale there.  Before we shopped, however, we stopped at Burger King for lunch.  I hadn't been to that particular one since the oldest Heinisch two were small enough to have fun in the play place.  Unlike those trips many years ago, our topics of conversation today ranged from the hundreds of pop choices now offered at this particular restaurant, to religion, and then on to politics.  I love talking with Brett and picking his brain on several hot button issues.  He definitely has some strong opinions and I have to keep current on the news or I can't even began to follow along. The trip to the store ended mostly with food purchases for our house and for school tomorrow.  Nothing too eventful, but I did find a new doorbell for the basement and Brett enjoyed browsing the electronic section.

After the library board meeting tonight, Brett, Cam, Doug and I headed to the table for several rounds of pit.  What a fun game to play, but unlike most card games, there is too much trading and shuffling of hands to talk much.  Brett was able, however, to fill us in our everything else going on at IU and in the news in between hands.  It has been so much fun having him home.  Tomorrow night we have a hot game of Monopoly planned after the JV basketball game.  I had better start strategizing  now or I will never have a chance with Brett and Cam both playing.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

OK, so it isn't technically Thanksgiving, but we had a wonderful time celebrating today.  Carl and Jeanette were able to make it out for a visit which made our dinner even better.  There was a lot of food - turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, etc, courtesy of Doug and Carl.  My Mom added in some great finger foods, noodles and desserts.  Besides our family and parents, Aunt Jan and Uncle Lee were even able to make it down to join in the festivities.

We all had a great time catching up and sharing stories before dinner.  The after dinner activities revolved around games of pool for the active and the movie Robin Hood for the resting.  It was fun to use our china.  With the new glass hutch part of our kitchen now, I hope to use it quite a bit more for family get togethers.

Doug had purchased the game Pit when we were shopping a couple of weeks ago.  He hadn't played in years, and I am not sure that I really ever knew how to play, although I remember ringing the bell.  Brett, Dad, Doug, Cam and I tested it out after cleanup and had a great time.  Doug, of course was the big winner, but it made for lots of laughs.

The guests started to trickle out one by one until only Cal's friend, Sam, was left.  He didn't technically come over for the Thanksgiving celebration, but to work on a Lord of the Flies project with Cal.  We enjoyed their banter and stories of their weekend adventures as they finished off the pumpkin pie.

As we now watch the movie "The Shining" with Brett - his new tradition horror movies for Thanksgiving break, I can't help but feel blessed.  It was a great day, full of festivities, conversation and lots of laughs.  Who could ask for anything more during this time of year?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Semi Formal

Tonight Cal went to his first semi formal dance.  He and his date were color coordinated in navy, and actually let us take their pictures before they left.  I am sure they were both uncomfortable, but I know that her mother and I were happy to have the photos as keepsakes.  The pictures were taken in our home as her parents drove them.  She is only a freshmen and Cal is nowhere near getting his license yet.  The rest of the Heinisch family hid out in the basement.  We figured that it was enough that they let us be part of their night.  Adding spectators would definitely make it more challenging.

Part of me is surprised at his new found interest in dances and a girlfriend.  Another part of me is not.  It seems all to be a normal part of high school life.  Too bad it is commented on by so many others.  I hope they had a great time this evening.  I don't know if we will ever hear much about his night.  That's alright.  The semi formal is for high school students.  We will leave the festivities to them.

Friday, November 22, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Brett arrived at 2:30 this afternoon for Thanksgiving break.  To commemorate his return he dressed in full tie and suspenders attire.  I was thrilled to see him.  I sure have missed talking to him.  He was happy to be home and filled me in on his adventures with his grandparents the past few days.  He brought me a birthday gift and four loads of laundry.  Both were great to me.

After we caught up for an hour or so he headed down to check out his XBOX 360.  He hadn't played video games in three months and enjoyed getting back at some of his favorite ones.  Meg and Cam headed straight to the basement upon their return from school.  I heard a lot of laughter and chorus of song.

Once Doug made it home from work, we all loaded the van for South Bend.  Brett had asked to make a trip to Barnes & Noble and we were glad to oblige.  We were even able to shop at Super Target and a couple of stores at the mall.  The radio was filled with songs that Brett had recently downloaded and some of his favorites.  Brett hadn't been to Buffalo Wild Wings since he left, so we stopped there for dinner on the way home.  The fifteen minute wait didn't bother any of us as we were still catching up.  Brett and I had a lot of fun at the expense of the mayor of Toronto - a true "Canadian idiot."

As Meg and Cameron argued at Target and Brett stepped in to tell them politely to "knock it off,"  I asked him if he missed all of this.  He said, "Believe it or not, I did."  I know he will be ready to head back by next weekend - a week will be enough, but for today it was a lot of fun listening to him with his siblings watching TV, arguing or just listening to music.  What a great week it will be!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cleaning, Cleaning and More Cleaning

We have spent the last couple of days catching up on all of the cleaning in our home.  Now that the remodeling is done we don't have to worry about contractors, plumbers, carpet layers, etc. invading our space.  Three of us cleaned the upstairs yesterday.  Meg's room is a project in itself, so she spent her evening in there.  Cameron dusted his side of the room and then offered to dust Cal's side and Brett's room for a small fee.  I took him up on it as he does a great job and I had four loads of laundry to complete.  Doug tackled the basement, vacuumed and dusted the rest of the house.

Today was filled with more laundry, bathrooms and the wood floor.  Cameron was not needed so he spent the evening reading "Encyclopedia Brown" books - favorites of ours from childhood.  Meg and Cal ditched us for activities with their friends.  Both revolved around basketball as one would expect knowing them.  It is an awesome feeling to be done with the housework.  Now we can enjoy our time with Brett, Thanksgiving with Doug's and my parents, and just hanging out in the Heinisch Home.  Let the festivities begin!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My parents left early this morning to drive to Bloomington to see Brett.  They intend to spend a couple of days there and then bring him back on Friday.  They were extremely happy to see him tonight after his 7 p.m. class.  It has been thirteen weeks since he left and this is their first visit.  The three of them walked to dinner and spent several hours catching up.  My Mom was thrilled at how well Brett has adjusted to college life.  Brett and my Dad were happy to catch up.

Tomorrow they will take him to his usual Thursday afternoon stops - the comic bookstore and the library.  Parce will be joining them for this adventure.  Glad that they have this time to spend with just Brett.  Thankful that they are able to bring him home.  Friday will be a fun day in the Heinisch Home!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights have become Cameron's favorite night of the week.  Because I have to be at school an hour earlier than he does, Cameron gets to spend the night with Grandma Jane and Grandpa Cutes.  Meg used to stay as well, but she likes going in early with me and hanging out with her friend Graham.  Thus, Cameron gets his grandparents all to himself.  They play Uno, Monopoly, Liar's Poker, Qwirkle or any other game that Cameron wants.  Grandma also makes the dinner of Cameron's choice along with an ice cream snack or cookie for dessert.

Last night Cal decided to join in the action.  Along with playing cards, Cal decided to spend some time getting under Cameron's skin.  Cal's good at that, and Cameron reacts quite well.  The topic this Tuesday night that really got Cameron going was Cal announcement that he was going with Grandma and Grandpa to Bloomington for a couple of days to pick up Brett.  Cameron yelled, pouted and than proclaimed Cal a cheater for skipping school.  Of course Cal was not going and even though Grandma explained this to Cam, he still sulked when Cal walked out the door saying, "See you Friday, Cam!"

I laughed all the way home.  As the second born, I can appreciate Cal's affinity for bothering his siblings and definitely have more patience for it than my parents, Doug or his siblings.  Cam didn't let Cal ruin his evening, however, and had a great night at his grandparents.  The best part of having Cal as a sibling is the amount of tolerance for others that Brett, Meg and Cam have learned.  A skill that has come in handy as Brett started college.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Last summer I was complaining one day about all of the housework there is to do in a day, especially in the laundry room.  Brett listened for awhile and didn't say much.  As I headed back to sort another load, he quietly followed me in.  This is pretty common for him as he knows that he has my full attention on laundry day.  On this particular day, however, he didn't want to talk about politics or movie reviews, instead he had some great words of advice for me.  "Mom, I have to believe that doing laundry is pretty mundane work.  I have a suggestion for you on how to at least make it bearable."  Brett had my full attention at this point.  Could it be that there was a laundry secret that I didn't know about that would make it easier?  Or maybe he was going to volunteer himself or one of his siblings to help.  Either way, I was curious.

Brett continued, "Whenever I have something really boring to do or just don't want to do, I find something on Hulu to watch.  It makes the time pass quicker and my disdain for the task lessens."  He then suggested that I might enjoy the television series "CSI: Miami."  I thought about it for a little while and decided why not give it a try.  It couldn't make laundry less fun.

Since July I have now washed, dried and folded dozens of loads of Heinisch laundry, and I pleased to say that Brett's idea did work.  Now when I head to the laundry room I grab the iPad or laptop and I am good to go - season seven, episode four of CSI: Miami, and I am really enjoying the show (OK, maybe not the blood, but definitely the crime solving detectives.)  Characters have come and gone and crimes have been solved, but the hours of dreading a task have melted away.  With Brett returning this week for Thanksgiving break and his chats during laundry time increase, I know that my CSI watching time will vanish.  That is alright with me.  I am really looking forward to catching up with him.  Horatio Cain will have to wait until December for me to help solve another murder mystery in Miami.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lights Out

All of the hype about today's storms actually came to fruition.  Normally I ignore most severe weather forecasts.  Instead I buy into Brett's philosophy that all meteorologists are quacks.  Today, however, they proved both of us wrong.  The storms raged through Illinois causing a several hour delay of the Bears football game.  Tornado sirens rang out in both Syracuse and Bloomington causing the Heinisch family to scurry to the basement.

When it was all said and done, there were a multitude of trees fallen and debris on the roads.  We had spent the bulk of the time in a high school gym watching Meg's AAU basketball team play.  The storms were not as severe in Goshen, so we did not have to use the locker rooms for safety as suggested by the athletic director.

The biggest inconvenience for us was the loss of power.  Cal called toward the end of Meg's second game to tell us that the power had been out for an hour or so.  He and Cam had weathered the storm by playing pool.  By the time we got home they had been nearly two and a half hours without electricity.  Doug bought the ingredients for home made mac and cheese earlier in the day, but by 6:30 we decided to head back to Goshen for dinner.  We were not the only ones who had that idea.  We saw other families from Syracuse at Wings, etc.  It was a nice family dinner and the first time the youngest two had eaten at that particular restaurant.

Luckily, when we returned all of the lights were on in the house and our home returned to normal.  Brett called to check in with all of us.  He had retreated to the lowest level of his dorm when the warnings were posted on campus.  Thus, we were all relieved and a little more mindful of our local meteorologists.  Next time we might even pay attention when the warning texts are sent.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today was a day for tying up loose ends on our month long remodeling project.  Doug sold the cabinets on Craig's List.  The man who purchased them picked them up at 1:30 this afternoon.  Our garage is now free and both cars fit in it once again.  Doug also spent a lot of time raking and burning leaves.   A huge fall commitment that is winding down.

I spent a good portion of today working on the inside on the house.  All laundry is now caught up and put away.  New Rubbermaid containers were bought and the Heinisch snacks now have a new home.  The bathroom is cleaned out and a new soap dispenser is in place.  Cameron's friend Cade will be happy as he was concerned on Thursday when he was here that we didn't have one.  The computer room is almost done with only a couple of items left to dust.

Cameron came home from a game of Uno at Mom's today with the statement, "Mom, I just have to say that I like this kitchen so much better than the one before."  I completely agree with the wisdom of an eight year old.  I didn't realize what a difference it would make in our entire home, but it sure has.  Thanks to Doug for all of his work to make this project a reality.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday Fun

Celebrating my 45th birthday today was a lot of fun.  I started the day with a game of dodge ball with the 7th and 8th grade students.  It was their PBIS reward for zero write-ups in a trimester and we had an awesome time.  Even took a shot to the ear and survived.  Meg coordinated a serenade of Happy Birthday from the 7th grade girls to make the morning complete.

Doug took a half day off from work, so after school we spent the day together shopping.  Our first stop was lunch at Carraba's for lobster ravioli.  We were able to hit Dick's, Target, Pier One, the mall, Toys R Us and Kohl's before Doug wore out.  I was thrilled at spending time with him and shopping as they are two of my favorite things.  We were able to finish off all that we needed for the remodeling that we have done over the last month and get a start on our Christmas shopping.

We stopped for dinner at Main Street Grill on the way home.  Both of us were stuffed by the end of the meal and I didn't even have room for dessert.  Mom had dropped off a big cookie for my birthday celebration, so we were able to indulge later in the evening.  She also entertained Cal and Cameron with several games of UNO.  Cal was home by the time we were, but Cam spent the night at my parents.  Meg had a lot of fun with Gabby and the Fiscus women.  They went to see the play Robin Hood at the high school and hit McDonald's for a late night snack.

Forty-five years sounds old, but it sure doesn't feel it.  Spending the day with Doug and with Paula yesterday at lunch made me realize that age is just a number.  I love the wisdom that forty-five years on this Earth brings - a perfect day and and perfect way to celebrate!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finally, We Are Done!

Finally, our kitchen project is complete and I. couldn't be happier.  It looks gorgeous and has created so much more cooking space.  Can't believe what a difference this has already made.  For the first time since we moved in, almost 16 years ago, we have room for all we need in our kitchen and dining room.  Ready in plenty of time for Thanksgiving dinner and, hopefully, many more celebrations to come in the Heinisch Home.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Difference a Week Makes

What a difference a week makes in the life of a teacher- all new trimester, all new students and a bright outlook for all.  Each of my four classes have so far run smoothly.  Meg and her friends are in my first block class - chatty, but enthusiastic about learning.  I have a para to help in second block, a much needed helping hand.  The sixth graders in third block are a lot of fun and my writing lab is full of willing participants.  All of this excitement has been catchy and I feel like we can tackle the FACS standards, incorporate the 21st century life skills into our learning process and have a little fun along the way.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lord Give Me Patience

I am not a very patient person, never have been.  I can wait in line, no problem, but ask me to wait out an unresolved situation and I am a wreck.  I try not to think about it, but something always brings me back to the point I left off worrying.  Doug handles this a lot better than I do.  I used to try and be more like him, but that only made it worse - I would not only be stressed, but also upset because I couldn't handle the situation as he was.  Thus, I have learned to embrace my impatience.  I don't like it, but it makes up who I am.

Tonight, it took all I had not to worry about a small incidence in our home.  One of the Heinisch children was obviously struggling with his/her emotions, but wouldn't tell us.  Part of me wanted to grab this child and shake it out of him/her.  Another part wanted to hug him/her and say, "Don't worry, all will be fine." (Definitely a stupid saying coming from me as I am Queen of the worriers in this house!)  Instead of doing either I waited - hoping this child would either resolve the issue or come to us for help.

I know this took a lot of patience on Doug's part.  Not only was he dealing with an upset, non talking child, but he also had to calm down a wife that was pacing the floors with worry.  I did pretty well, however.  I didn't let this child's mood ruin the evening.  As I am used to the moodiness of one, I decided that staying up all night frantic would not solve any of the problems in the Heinisch Home.  Tomorrow will be another day.  Sometimes a good nights sleep is all it takes for the issues of the day to dissolve.  If not, then we will work on it when the sun is shining and we can start anew.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day - the White Table

Today Meg was able to participate in the white table ceremony at her middle school program for Veteran's Day.  I was very proud of her when she put the black napkin on the white table symbolizing the sorrow of captivity.  Meg was happy to be chosen.  She understands the importance of Veteran's Day.  One of her best friends is the daughter of a fallen soldier.  He gave his life for our country in Afghanistan when the girls were little.  Although Meg never met Todd, she talks of him often with Gabby and has shared her thoughts with me many times.  Meg understands the struggles of raising a family once a parent is lost and stands in awe of Paula (as do I) knowing that she has to now fulfill the role of both mother and father in the Fiscus family.

My favorite veteran passed away six years ago and I still miss hearing his World War II stories.  My favorite one was the time they called all of the privates out into a line, told them to bring their glasses, put a shot of Vodka in it and said, "Happy New Year."  Paw Paw said that it was the best shot he had ever had.  Today as one of my autistic students complained about missing art to be at the program, I reminded him that many years ago, some soldiers missed their entire families for years to serve their country.

I am proud of those who have served, saddened on this day at the loss of so many, and hopeful that one day we will raise a generation that does not know war.  For now I will be content knowing that tomorrow when I ask my seventh graders to explain our quote of the week, "Freedom is not Free" all of their hands will go up as today they witnessed it firsthand by the ceremony of the white table.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today was a busy sports day for Meg.  She started with an indoor soccer game with Doug's high schoolers at noon.  Since only six soccer players from the same high school can be on a team, Meg and several of her middle school friends have been able to participate.  Overall, she has really enjoyed being part of the team.  Today, however, was extra nerve wracking for her.  The girl that normally plays goalie broke her finger during the game.  Meg was the backup goalie and was thrilled to say that she only gave up four goals!!  I think the broken finger got Doug's attention as the first thing he told me when they called was that we need to get Meg goalie gloves.  Hopefully, they will help Meg from breaking her own finger, but most of all she will love picking them out.

A break in the afternoon led to two basketball games for Meg tonight.  This time she is playing with the seventh graders.  The last two years she was on a combined team filled mostly with girls a year ahead of her.  She did very well tonight.  The team played a lot better than I expected.  They have only had two practices, so I didn't know what to expect.  They led the first game for the majority of it, but lost in overtime.  The second game was more challenging as they played one of the best teams in the league.  For the most part this was the first time that I enjoyed one of her games.  I helped coach in the first game and kept the book for the second, so I didn't have to deal with any of the complaining parents.

Meg said she wasn't tired after the games.  I sure thought she was, but didn't argue.  She definitely was hungry, but a quick stop at McDonald's solved that problem.  Overall, not to bad for day one of basketball season.  Only four more months to go.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Change is Not All Bad

As I have watched the Heinisch children grow over the years, I have learned to grow with them.  We are now in a new stage with one of them.  Friends and girlfriends are becoming the priority.  Time at home with Mom, Dad and the rest of the Heinisch siblings is not.  Although, this stage came on a little quicker than I thought it would, I do not dwell on the days gone by.  No one wants to stay a child forever and I believe it would be selfish of me to pine away wishing that they would all stay babes in arms.

This new found independence has led to some great conversations between Doug and I about our own youth - first dates, making the team, family time, and growing up.  We did not meet until we were college students (sometimes I forget that as it seems that we have always been together.)  Thus, there is a part of our youth that we do not share.  Even though Doug and I had very different high school lives, watching our children pass through the same experiences that we both did has brought us closer together.  It has also helped us parent the Heinisch children.

It was strange last night to drop Cal off at a girl's home.  It was for Meg and Cameron as well.  When Cam asked me where Cal was, I told him.  He looked at me and said, "No, seriously, is he with Jayce or Alex?"  Cameron could not sleep until he knew Cal was safe at home.  Not sure what he thought was going to happen, but I have come to realize that the older boys growing up has been harder on the younger two than anyone else.  Life happens, however, and I think the best way to handle the changes is to hold on and enjoy the ride.    

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Night

We are all enjoying a relaxing evening here in the Heinisch Home following a fun day off from school.  I did have to work until 11:30 this morning, but the meeting went well and good news followed.  The Heinisch children all checked their first trimester grades.  Meg earned all A's, including her first in a high school class, Algebra.  Cameron was more than satisfied with his A+ in several subjects, A's in most and one B+ in Language.  The big news of the day was Cal's Pre-Calculus grade - B on the final, which met B for the trimester.  Not too shabby for his first college class.

The afternoon followed with lunch from Subway and three of us on our way to Target.  We decided to get a jump on the youngest Heinisch children's Christmas list.  We had fun "window" shopping, although we almost gave Cameron a heart attack as he thought we were really shopping for windows.  Too many trips to Lowe's for the kitchen, lately, must have been a shock to his system.  Cal did not join us on our excursion.  Instead he headed over to Alex's to hang out with him, Jayce and Gage on their day off.

The evening only got better for the Heinisch children.  Cal and his group took off for Wings Etc. and Dairy Queen.  They are all in our basement right now watching basketball, playing X-Box and challenging Cameron to games of chess.  Meg had Gabby over and they have been enjoying the computer, cutting Barbie's hair and an occasional spying session on the guys.  Doug and I have caught up on laundry and computer work while watching one of our old black and white favorites - Witness for the Prosecution.

Talked to Brett a couple of times tonight.  Can't wait for him to come home.  Except for his absence, this has been a perfect day.  With basketball season just starting, I hope there are many more gatherings at our home this year.  Love the sound of laughter coming from all levels of the Heinisch abode.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Fresh Start

Today was the last day of trimester 1 for students.  Even though I will miss a lot of my them, I was ready for it to be over for many reasons.  This year I wrote a brand new curriculum for my seventh and eighth grade classes, had two of my four classes full of students with special education needs, went to countless meetings, watched Doug coach soccer, nursed Cal back from a pretty substantial injury, took four trips down and back to Bloomington, made it to Illinois for a weekend, remodeled our kitchen and was a spectator at numerous soccer games and tennis matches.  Needless to say, I am ready for a fresh start come Monday.

That doesn't mean that I dislike my students, teaching or life in the Heinisch home.  I just need to rest up.  Hopefully, I am on top of the new curriculum in my classroom.  That will make a big difference.  Doug is only involved in soccer two days a week right now.   I have  a whole new group of fresh faces coming into my classes, many of whom are excited to have FACS or start writing lab.  Their enthusiasm should carry me through second trimester, especially since Meg is one of those students along with a multitude of her friends

A three hour meeting and the anticipation of Cal's grade on his dual credit pre-calculus final are all that stand between me and a relaxing weekend.  Here's to a fresh start and a much needed break.  Glad to have made it through a pretty challenging couple of months.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The NBA season has started once again and the three youngest Heinisch children and their father are already trashing talking each other.  Cameron and Meg are Miami Heat fans.  Cal is anything but.  Tonight Cal reminded Cam of who Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks beat to win a championship in 2010 (the Heat.)  He also tore apart Chris Bosch, Meg's favorite player.  Doug even joined in the teasing.  As Cam walked around predicting that the Pacers will end up 84-0 this season, Doug one upped that proclamation of with an announcement of his own - The Pacers will finish the next two season 168-0.

I love listening to their banter.  It is what makes them a family.  No one gets mad and they each spend quite a bit of time thinking of how to one up each other.  I know I will get my fill of basketball by the time the NBA playoffs begin in May, but for now I will try and keep up with it all.  When Brett was here I didn't have to worry about being the only one who didn't follow the NBA, but with his absence I had better start researching the teams and players.  If I am to join in the trash talk, I had better have my facts straight.  They are a tough crowd to fool.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Phase 3


Phase 3 in our remodeling project is now complete.  When we began talking about changing the kitchen, the one item that I kept coming back to was our living room carpet.  The kitchen/dining room area leads into the living room.  With all new cabinets and counter tops, it would only make our nine year old carpet look even more worn.  Doug agreed and we added that into our budget.

Today we now have a new look to our living room and so far I have to say that I am thrilled.  Meg and Cameron weren't too sure at first, but now they realize that they can eat in the room they started to warm up to the idea.  I spent a couple of hours cleaning, dusting and rearranging, and once Meg and Doug got home from soccer they had to agree that it looked pretty good.  Meg still expressed a strong affection for the discarded carpet as it had been her "friend" for the past nine years.  I told her that Grandma Jane had taken a large piece for her garage, so anytime Meg was lonely she could cuddle up to it there!!  We both laughed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

High Ability

The Heinisch children are high ability students.  For the oldest two boys that always meant extra work and being placed in the honors classes through elementary and middle school.  They liked being part of the gifted and talented program and it kept them busy in school.  I am not sure, however, that they really learned how to study.  Both entered high school with a record of nearly straight A's and both found a class early that just threw them for a loop.

For Brett this class was chemistry.  His teacher pushed the students and expected them to study a lot.  That was alright with us.  He needed to learn how to study the proper way.  Brett thought he knew how, but he struggled with time management, organization, taking notes, and such.  At one point during the trimester he had a C+ and wasn't sure he could raise it.  He did, however, earn a B, but not without a lot of help from his teacher and Doug.  More importantly than receiving a B on his report card, Brett learned the basics of studying and how to succeed in a class that was challenging academically.

The same reality hit Cal tonight as well.  I checked his grades this morning and he had dropped 4% in Dual Credit Pre-Calculus.  It doesn't sound like much, but it put him at an 83% with only the final left.  As the final is 20% of his grade, I was a little more than concerned.  I talked with his teacher and we agreed that his study habits had also gotten him into this position.  Thus, tonight we sat down with Cal to get his side of the story.  Basically, he said he blew it.  The homework took forever to do, so he just wrote down the answers with no work.  Since he hadn't put time into the homework, a C on the test was about the best he could do.  Thus, he spent the next several hours in his bedroom working on the final review packet.  Hopefully, we will be able to help him also learn the rigors of true studying.  He has a great math teacher, so that is a step in the right direction.

Doug and I have also learned a valuable lesson from working with the first two.  The next two high ability Heinisch children will benefit from our experiences with Cal and Brett.  Getting straight A's in elementary and middle school is not the answer.  It is learning the importance of studying and how to do so that will make a difference in their high school career and lead to a brighter start to their future.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The World of Politics

Brett joined a group during his first couple of weeks at IU called Young Americans for Liberty.  It is a collection of IU students who believe, much as Brett does, that there has to be a better political answer than the U.S. has right now.  The majority of the members are Libertarian and so far Brett loves being part of this group.

In September members carpooled to Terre Haute and the Indiana State campus to hear Senator Ron Paul talk.  Although Brett felt that Ron Paul was a little full of himself, he thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the message that was conveyed.  This weekend's event, however, was even bigger.  IUPUI's group of Young Americans invited the Bloomington members for an evening of political speeches with a social hour to follow.  Brett attended too many speeches to list and had his picture taken with several influential politicians.  Once again the group carpooled to the event and I can just imagine the conversation on the way back to IU - full of the enthusiasm for change that so many young college students believe in, a hope for the future, and the energy to stand up for shared opinions.

Brett texted me when he was on the way home.  His exact words were "It was awesome!"  He posted his pictures.  I didn't know one of the speakers, but they were very important to Brett and I was so happy for him.  I called him today and he said he was taking it easy, studying for classes, catching up on some much needed sleep, and might even go to the movie "The Conjuring" later.  I told him that I ran into one his friends today.  She told me that she was so glad that Brett liked IU as much as he does and loves reading about all of his adventures.  I totally agree!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chess, Chess & More Chess

Cameron participated in another chess tournament today.  This one was quite a bit closer, so only he and Doug made the journey.  Cam did well.  He played in an unrated section and his first opponent was a seventh grader.  Cameron finished the day at 3 wins and 3 loses.  That placed him as the overall third grade champion.  He received a trophy with a king on top for his efforts.

We celebrated with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  While there Cam filled us in on his matches.  He felt that he could have played better in the first two loses.  All three of his defeats were long drawn out games that could have gone either way. Once Cam finished his recap of the day, Doug gave us his version.  As he talked about the participants, he remarked on his in depth knowledge of Northern Indiana chess players.  He felt that the only thing that he knows better right now is local soccer talent.  I believe he is right.  He has definitely had his share of both over the past year and a half and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saint's Day and Trick or Treats

Trick or Treating on All Saints Day - can't beat it.  The weather didn't co-operate last night, so "Halloween" was moved to this evening.  What a great night for it!!  Meg and Cameron planned their hot dog and cheeseburger outfits months ago.  Our neighbor's granddaughter, Avery, rounded out the meal as a bottle of Ketchup!!  They had also planned out their trick or treat route awhile ago.  They first hit up our neighborhood and then headed to the one next to us.  The highlight each year in the Fox Run addition is the Goralczyk's cotton candy.  Mr. Goralczyk spends quite a bit of time and energy making up the bags.  Last night he posted that he had 600 ready to go.  It is the first treat the Heinisch children devour and has made for some great memories.  After the trick or treating was over the Heinisch children and Avery met up at our home to trade candy.  I loved listening to them decide which are the golden treats and which belong in the trash pile.  

Brett called this evening to fill us in on his Halloween adventures this week.  He had a lot of fun and there was a party at church where he got a great picture of "Michael Myers" and the priest.  Cal's friends stopped by this evening for treats, but he decided to head to a wrestling match at Manchester College.  One of Cal's friends has a brother on the team.  I saved him a bag of PayDays, so he will be happy with that.

I was glad that Halloween was moved to this evening.  Not only was the weather beautiful, but everyone could stay up late, enjoying their treats and Halloween movies.  I was also glad, because I didn't have the best day at school.  My mood instantly changed as I saw my own children having fun as well as so many of my current and former students.  Although I did not know each and every one of the 263 trick or treaters that we had this evening, they sure were a spirit lifter!!  I hope that everyone had as much fun as we did with Halloween this year.