Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Another Day

Just an ordinary day in the Heinisch home.  Cal and Cam were up early for a golf tournament.  Rained quite a bit, but both played well enough to finish second in their age groups.  Meg was off to craft camp and once Cam finished golf, he met up with her and their friends.  A quick bite for lunch and Meg and I headed to her eye doctor for the first day of her vision therapy.

The therapy went well.  They sent us home with 20 minutes of exercises to do each night.  Meg is confident that they will work, so that is half the battle.  We picked Cal and Cam up from their Grandparents where there was a hot game of Hearts in progress.  Cam ended up being the big winner, but the fact that my Dad was the big loser was the most exciting part for the boys.

A quiet evening at home with Doug at soccer led to my favorite moment of the day.  The youngest three were in the truck impatiently waiting for Brett to gather what they needed before they headed out.  Cal kept honking the horn.  Brett decided to get back at them by setting off the truck panic alarm while he took his time to get ready.  Sibling love - so much fun!

Doug and I met with Syl to talk about the kitchen.  He had some great ideas and now we all have homework to do to figure out a pricing quote.  I was also able to start Meg's 6th grade binder and set up the new printer and router.  Just another day in the Life of the Heinisch Family!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old Friends

Today we met friends for lunch that we haven't seen in five years.  Pam lived on the same floor as I did at IU.  She grew up in a neighboring town, but we did not know each other before Bloomington.  It was a great conversation starter that led into a long term friendship.  Pam was the maid of honor in our wedding and Cal's Godmother.  She met her husband, Drew, through Doug.  They were high school friends and when Pam visited DeKalb, they hit it off and a couple of years later were married.

Shortly after we moved to Indiana from the suburbs of Chicago, they left for Denver.  Since that time they have added two children to their family, Kirby (12) and Cora (6).  We had a great visit as they stopped in Indiana on their way to Mackinac Island.  A lot of life has happened in the past five years, but as I listened to Doug and Drew catch up, I realized that they are still the same great friends they had been since their youth.  It made for a fun time!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Tonight was the first night of tennis conditioning.  Cal has been going to open court all summer, but tonight was the first intense workout.  According to IHSAA rules no equipment can be used this week, so it will be all running.  Cal doesn't mind.  He played soccer last year and they had an ex-Marine come in for conditioning week.  He and Doug still talk about how intense the workouts were.

I am excited that Cal chose to play tennis this year.  I love soccer, but Cal took tennis lessons for almost ten years and practiced with the high schoolers when he was in middle school.  Last summer, however, Cal decided to play soccer his Freshmen year.  Doug was an assistant and a lot of Cal's friends played.  It was fun and a great way for him to stay in shape.

This year, tennis just seems to be the right fit.  So, far he has been partnered up with a friend of his from the basketball team.  Jake is a junior, but never played tennis seriously until this summer.  They make a great doubles team, and Meg and I love his Mom.  She is extremely positive and very enthusiastic.  She suggested that we get Fatheads of the boys and wave them in the stands when the boys win a point.  Meg and I laughed about that all night.  Cal would never speak to us again if we did it, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Tammy.  Here's to a great year of Warrior tennis - the goal is to win at least two matches which is one better than last season.  No matter the record it is already sounding like a great fall!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

School Supplies

Tonight we went on the dreaded school supply shopping trip.  Of all of the years we have gone, this by far was the easiest.  That is because the boys all decided to bow out.  Brett had already bought all he needed for school.  Cal and Cam went golfing instead.  In years past I probably would have made everyone go along, but in the past few months I have come to realize that everyone has found what makes them happy inside of the Heinisch family.  So, unless it is important that we go somewhere as a six-some, I'm OK with them doing their own thing.

Thus, Meg and I picked out Cal and Cam's supplies for them.  We had a third grade list for Cam and were able to find everything he needed.  As we left Cal said he was showing up the first day with only a pencil.  So, that was easy!  Alright, we did get him some paper, pens and folders, but still no problems.  Meg bought all that she needed (and a little more), so all in all extremely painless compared to years past.  We also decided that shopping several weeks early helped as well as the supplies weren't picked over.

We celebrated our success with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Brett had ridden along so he could share in this part of our evening.  Cal and Cam enjoyed golfing with their grandparents and dining on KFC.  Life has changed for us over the years, but the members of the Heinisch family all still had a wonderful evening.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Everyone is home tonight.  That is a nice feeling!  Cameron and Meg thoroughly enjoyed their week at camp.  Both are ready to go back next year.  Meg is even talking about going for two weeks next year.  They did get to see each other quite a bit and had a lot of stories to share.  Both were tired, but Cam couldn't wait to head out to the golf course in the afternoon!

Cal said he didn't miss Cam, but his actions told another story.  They spent most of the day playing games on the computer and the NSES.  They quizzed each other on the new book Cam got, "Weird, but True!"  They chipped golf balls in the back yard and did quite a bit of trash talking this evening.  We even got in a game of Hearts with them after dinner.

I picked Brett up tonight from his Pro-Life youth camp.  He seemed to really enjoy it and learned a lot.  It was a quick 24 hours, but jam packed with activities.  He met people from many different states and also talked of going back next summer.

So, although, I had a ton of laundry to do today, it was great having all of the Heinisch Children under one roof and happy!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quiet Before the Storm

Today was a very quiet day in the Life of the Heinisch family.  Although frustrated with his game, Cal was able to practice golf at the driving range and then again with his Dad.  Brett spent the day getting ready for his overnight adventure with the diocese of our church.  They are having a Pro-Life rally at a Catholic University an hour from our home.  Always ready to try something new, he was pretty excited when I drove him over.

Tomorrow Cam and Meg will be returning fom their week long tour of Camp Crosley.  I am preparing myself for the fact that Cam may not have enjoyed it.  I hope I am wrong, but my gut keeps telling me that this is his last year.  I know that Meg will want to first inform me of everything that annoyed her this week, then I will hear all of the great things she did.  That is just her personality.  It took me awhile to figure that out, but now that I know, it is a lot easier on the both of us.

I think I was smart and did all of the laundry in our house today.  That leaves tomorrow to work on the suitcases full that they will bring home.  I asked both of them to keep their wet clothes separated from the others.  If I had to guess, Cam will follow that advice.  Meg not so much.  Tomorrow evening when Brett gets home we will all be under one roof again.  Looking forward to that!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cleaning Out

Doug and I are talking about remodeling our kitchen.  No major structural changes, but new cabinets, countertops and furniture.  Meg overheard us talking about it, and before they left for camp she wanted to hear my ideas.  I went through the plans with her and she was pretty excited.  She gave me some of her thoughts and the "OK" to move forward.

Today Brett helped me clean out several of our cabinets.  I told him that I want to get rid of a couple of things before we meet with the Syl next week.  As we have remodeled several times before, they all know our contractor.  Brett instantly said, "Let me hear the plan.  I grew up here and I want to see if I approve before you make any major changes."  So, as I did with Meg I walked Brett through our thoughts - happy to talk about our plans and glad that Brett enthusiastically supported the idea.

I knew that when we talked of remodeling, the two that are most accepting of change would readily give their thumbs up.  I also realize that the two that are not as receptive of change have not even asked anything about it.  Hopefully, they will jump on board once we decide what we are doing.  I think they will like it in the end, but I do except some grumbling along the way!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We were up early and started for home this morning.  Our host sent some delicious blueberry scones for the trip.  Traffic was fairly light, so no major delays.  There were a lot of police officers in Ohio.  I was glad that Doug was driving as he does a lot better job than I watching the speed limit.

It was great to see Brett and Cal.  They had a nice few days with their Grandparents. Lots of basketball, golf and tennis for Cal.  Brett caught up on some writing and reading.  He and a friend went to the fair.  His favorite ride - The Thunderbolt - would have made me sick, but he enjoyed it.  Saw a lot of pictures of Cam and Meg from camp.  Hope they are having as much fun as they look.  I wonder if this will be the last year for Cam.  Guess we will find out Saturday.

Brought back a book for Brett about Sir Thomas More.  Doug found some awesome Alabama playing cards for Cal.  Can't wait for Meg to see her new necklace and Cam can now quiz everyone on his "Weird, but True" National Geograpic Book.  Made plans for next summer, but back to reality for now!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Great Day

Today we had another wonderful breakfast.  Our hosts have been great!!  We walked down to Sonnenfeld Estates.  It is a mansion built in the late 1800s.  Very beautiful with some awesome gardens and views.  We could not believe how many bathrooms that they had in a home over a hundred years old.  One bedroom even had two bathrooms!!  I loved the master bedroom with a porch overlooking all of their gardens.  It was well worth the walk to see it!!

Next we drove around Keuka Lake, another of the finger lakes.  It was less commercial and more scenery.  We ate lunch at Bully Run Vineyards with a wonderful view of the lake..  We were able to do some shopping at Hammersport and stopped at a vineyard and brewery for Doug to taste.  After yesterday, I decided to take a break.  I still can taste and smell the wine from yesterday!!  I focused more on the shopping and found some great gifts for the Heinisch children.  The Lake today reminded more of Wawasee (although a lot bigger!!)  Lots of lake acitivity and less wineries.

Tonight we had a gift certificate to a local German restaurant.  It was awesome.  Great food and awesome service.  The portions were huge.  Doug even had to bring his home.  He was able to do some beer tasting there and we had a nice walk back.  Sat on the porch, drinking "big pops" after dinner enjoying the evening air.  Heading back tomorrow morning.  It has been a great place to visit and are talking about returning next year!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wine Country

Today we took a wine tour of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  We had a great driver wo knew the area very well.  We stopped at nine different wineries and ate lunch at another.  After six hours of wine tasting a lot of them blended together.  I definitely had my fill, but we really enjoyed it.  Doug bought several bottles to bring back and the driver gave me a great handmade necklace that I can't wait to show Meg. 

After resting at the bed and breakfast, we walked downtown.  I didn't realize that it was a two mile jaunt one way, but we got in our excercise and saw all of the area.  We ate at a Bistro.  It had great food and nice atmosphere.  We are now watching Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant - one of my favorites.  I always miss the Heinisch children when they are not around, but it has been very nice spending time with Doug.  He has been busy lately with work and soccer and spending time with the Heinisch children.  Thus, we have been able to catch up!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


We are packed and ready to go.  Cam and Meg cannot check in until 2:00 p.m., so we are now playing the "waiting game."  Luckily, the British Open is on and Cameron is keeping busy with that.  His favorite player is Phil Mickelson, who sure looks like the odds on favorite to win.  That has helped the morning pass quickly and made him less anxious.  Cal is watching it with him and has decided to have me root for all of the players he hates.  It is not a bad strategy as whomever I cheer for seems to fall apart.  We have the autograph of the current player in second place.  At one point he was leading, so I said to Cal, "I will hope for Stenson to win, since we have meet him."  Sure enough he bogies the next hole.  After that they asked me to root for Lee Westwood as they cannot stand him.  I did and he completely fell apart.  That is the worst part of watching golf for me.  I hate cheering against anyone!!  But I guess there can only be one winner and it might as well be one the boys like.

Meg has spent her morning getting ready and is now catching the last little bit of the Disney Channel before we leave.  She keeps alternating between feelings of excitement and anxiety.  Last year she did not care for counselors.   That had never happened before.  She is hoping for someone else this year.  They both can't wait to see what the theme is.  Their favorite was The Olympics with Superhero week being a close second.

I am ready to try upstate New York.  It looked like a beautiful area when we drove by in April.  There are a multitude of wineries to try and lots of shopping and restaurants.  Doug promised me it would be a relaxing trip unlike our usual take advantage of every minute and opportunity non-stop vacations.  I don't quite believe him on that one, but I know we will enjoy the time together!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today I spent a total of six hours packing for this coming week.  Packing the younger two for camp, the older two for Grandma's, and Doug and I for a three day get away celebrating our 20 year anniversary.  Everyone is looking forward to their adventures, but, wow, it was a lot of work getting ready.

Camp is the hardest one to pack for as the kids have specific items they need to bring and there is no store if they forget anything.  Luckily, they have now been so many times, they know what they need and how to pack it.  Tonight, they both said they are a little nervous, but happy to be going.  Cal has so many sporting activities that I have to pack three outfits for each day.  I, of course, always overpack.  With all that said, Brett and Doug are extremely easy to pack for.  Everyone was helpful and we got it done.  Looking forward to the next couple of days!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Today Brett had a friend over, which caused quite a buzz among the other Heinisch children.  It has been quite a long time since Brett invited anyone to our home.  He has a lot of friends through church, drama, band and Knights, but he hasn't really asked to have a visitor in awhile.  I believe that is because every since Brett was out of middle school he's kept his friends at arms length.  I can't say that I blame him.  In sixth grade one of his two best friends and his longest friend moved to North Carolina.  They did a lot together and he really missed him.  His next closest friend moved away after seventh grade.  Another friend died unexpectedly his eighth grade year and another of his closest friends that he had known since birth just stopped coming around.  When Brett found out the Spring of his Freshmen year that someone that he ate lunch with everyday his sixth grade year committed a murder, I believe he decided to take a break from close attachments.

Thus, up until now he was content to be extremely involved in various organizations, hanging outwith his siblings, and texting with Anastsia dozens of times a day.  I was glad, however, that he went outside his comfort zone and invited Michael over.  He is a great person that both boys know from Academic Superbowl. They had an awesome  time playing Chess, Monopoly, talking about school in the fall and checking out their favorite videos on YouTube.  The other Heinisch children enjoyed him as well, so it was a great fit.  Sounds like Brett invited another friend over next week.  Proud of Brett for reaching outside his comfort zone.  Life is not always easy, but it is a lot more fun with friends by your side!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Twilight Zone

Cameron has discovered the old episodes of the Twilight Zone, because of the marathon of episodes on the 4th of July.  Thanks to Hulu, he can now watch them whenever he wants.  Some have definitely scared him - especially the one where everyone has the face of a pig.  Others have been creepy, like the boy who sends everyone into the cornfield or the show entitled, The Mirror.  One even made him a little sad as the main character finally has all the time in the world to read and falls breaking his glasses.  His favorite before tonight was The Howling Man where the devil is set lose, captured and set lose again.

Tonight he and Cal decided to watch one he hadn't seen, The Jeopardy Room.  They waited for Doug to get back from soccer, so he could share in the fun.  Cameron was not disappointed by the episode.  It had a lot of suspense with a twist ending (and no pig faces!). So, Cam has a new favorite, and when he's older we'll let him watch the Mel Gibson movie, Payback, which has a climax scene that is based on this great Twilight Zone scenario.  For now we'll enjoy the fact that one more Heinisch understands the Seinfeld Episode where Jerry says, "I feel like I am in that episode of the Twilight Zone, where I wake up and everyone has changed, but I'm still the same."  When asked which one that was, he smiles and says, "All of them!"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today Meg and I had a GAO (Girls Afternoon Out).  We planned it yesterday when we realized that none of the boys wanted to see the movie Turbo.  It was a fun time.  The movie was pretty good and we enjoyed some candy from the concession stands.  Meg picked the tunes for us to listen to on the way there and back.  We could sing along and not worry about critiques from anyone.

I can see that is how it will be this fall - Meg and I doing "girls" things together while the boys are off doing there thing.  I know one day Meg will be off doing her own thing too.  Until then,I will enjoy our GAOs!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spring Break

Yesterday, we got great news from Disney World.  They sent a special promotion out offering us a 25% discount for certain days in the Spring of 2014.  Luckily, those dates included our school's Spring Break! We decided to jump on the offer and have our Disney resort booked.  

Meg and I spent some time tonight looking at pictures of the hotel and making plans.  We will do that many times between now and April.  It helps make the long winter more bearable.  So, we won't wish time away, but will have something to talk about for many days to come!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Today is one of those that you just know that tomorrow will be a better day.  It wasn't suppose to be that way.  Cal was scheduled to play in a most anticipated golf tournament at a local country club.  My Dad agreed to take him and Doug was going to get to watch a couple of holes on his lunch break. That all changed at 2 a.m. as Cal woke up vomiting.

He made a good try.  Got dressed and at 7:30 he and my Dad took off.  Made it at least halfway there before they had to turn back.  Cal spent the rest of the day on the couch while I tackled his room.  Mom and Brett were a big help and we were able to drag the mattress and box springs outside for a good scrubbing.  Every bathroom and bedroom was cleaned.  I finished at 8:30 tonight over 10 hours after I started.

Doug ended up with the same bug, but the rest of us are still standing.  He and Cal push themselves the hardest, so when something finally slows them down it is usually a pretty big deal.  Neither complained.  I know they both were disappointed about how the day went.  Much to their strong will and determination one made it to soccer tonight and the other to a nine hole event with his teammates.  I keep feeling waves of nausea, but I think it is just from the exhaustion of today.  Fingers are crossed that a good night's sleep for all will make for a better day tomorrow!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


A month left before school starts and I am not motivated to even think about it.    When we got back from shopping yesterday for Brett, Cal asked where we had been.  I said school shopping and a look of terror crossed his face.  He asked me if I was a complete nerd for going already.  Once I said it was for IU, that was fine.  We all know that Brett will really enjoy college.  Shopping for him and being exciting for his new adventure is great.  The thought of 3rd, 7th and 10th grade, however, leaves everyone in a panic.  So much to still enjoy this summer!  We don't want it to end.  Endless days of swimming, craft camp, golfing, having friends over, bike riding, basketball, tennis, shopping, staying up late, sleeping in, etc. are on the agenda.  Meg and Cam still have to go to Camp.  Cal has several more golf tournaments and now a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  There is the 4-H fair and a trip to New York for Doug and I.  Thus, do not send us the school reporter in the mail or coupons for school supplies.  We are going to squeeze out every ounce of fun we can before we have to get back to reality!!  

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Today we visited Doug's parents in DeKalb, IL.  We started out bright and early as we knew we would need to leave first thing on Sunday morning.  Road construction on the way hindered us a little bit, but we were there in plenty of time for lunch.  Our first visit was to our favorite grocery/butcher store, Inboden's. Pork kabobs, southwest chicken, black and blue burgers and two types of macaroni salad all made it into our basket.  After lunch the guys had a tee time at their favorite DeKalb course, Buena Vista.  It's the course that Doug played at the most when he was in high school and the perfect one for Cameron as it is a par 32.

While they were occupied Meg, Brett and I hit Target.  DeKalb is a college town, so it was the perfect place to make the first run at the supplies he will need for IU.  Meg was very "helpful" picking out a pink comforter for him (which he vetoed immediately), but we did enjoy her coming along, and Brett was able to get almost everything he needed.  We are still debating the size of refrigerator he will need, so that will take some more research.  He has decided to forgo a TV until he sees if he really needs one.  With Netflix, Hulu, Sirius XM and his laptop, we just don't think he will use it that much.  After Target we went to Game Stop and Barnes & Noble.  By the time we got back from shopping, the guys were home from golfing.  Cam had just enough time to tell a few golf stories, before we ordered dinner.

Dinner was from Portillo's.  Cameron wasn't too sure about trying something new, but he really liked it.  Phil came up to visit while we were there too.  He brought Meg and Cam's new friend, Molly (a black and white collie.)  After dinner Cam and Cal challenged him to a game of Wii golf and quickly found out that Uncle Phil had been practicing, as he easily beat them!   Carl then started a bonfire and the wait began for the Montavons to arrive.   Once they got there everyone was off playing games, roasting marshmallows or just catching up.  It was a fun visit and I know five of the children really enjoyed a late night game of Ghost in the Graveyard.  The evening ended around 10:30 and everyone was asleep immediately.  A busy day, but fun for all.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Peas in a Pod

As this summer continues and Brett gets ready for college, Cal has found a new best friend.  Someone who follows him everywhere, longs to be like him and handles his constant ribbing very well.  Yes, it is Cameron, and they spent the entire day together, moving from one event to another.  They started with basketball, moved to chess, hit golf balls together at the driving range, watched Twilight Zone at Grandma's, played nine holes with Doug, challenged each other to a game of Lasso Golf, and ended the evening enjoying a marathon of Storage Wars.  

I love watching them interact.  It is a positive relationship for both.  A bond they will cherish over the years. Cameron still does quite a bit with Meg and they all enjoy interacting with Brett.  For now, however, I will enjoy my two peas in a pod or maybe they are more like monkey see, monkey do!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Basketball Coach

Two weeks ago the head basketball coach stepped down to spend more time with his young family.  Last week the high school principal was reassigned to a teaching position at the middle school and his assistant was promoted to principal.  Both stories are big in a community as small as ours, but in Northern Indiana the one that garnishes the biggest gossip definitely is basketball!  There have been comments posted online and a letter to the editor in our local paper.  For awhile it was even reported that the principal may have been reassigned to become the new head coach.

As our son plays basketball and we are friends with the coach's family, we have tried to steer clear of any rumors.  Cal loves playing, and we hope the new coach will be a great asset to the program and a positive influence on a student body that suffered so many tragedies last year.  Nothing brings a community closer together in the state of Indiana than basketball!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Brett received great news today!  He scored a 3 on both his AP Biology and Calculus exams from this Spring.  This means that he will receive 6 more credit hours from Indiana University.  Thus, he will enter his Freshmen year as a Sophomore with 24 credit hours from his four AP and two dual credit classes.  We are extremely proud of him as he worked very hard in high school and can now reap the benefits of it.

As a sophomore at IU he will register earlier than the freshmen for 2nd semester.  He will be able to study abroad next summer and/or have better opportunities for an internship.  He did not care for AP Calculus and let everyone he came in contact with know it, but he was extremely happy today when he saw his score.  Great job, Brett!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warrior Open

Yesterday was the 19th annual Warrior Open - a golf fund raiser to benefit the Wawasee Warrior athletic department.  Cal, Jeffrey, Tristen and Dylan (all members of this Spring's Wawasee varsity squad) decided to compete in this year's benefit tournament.  The day started as most would for teenage boys, arguing over who would ride with whom and which two would drive. The laughter subsided, however, as the 7:30 am shotgun start neared.  Game faces were on and in matching uniforms from their sectional round, they teed off.

Although the foursome did not win, they represented their team, coaches, families and school well with a very respectful 13 under.  Overall in the morning group they finished second, one shot behind the leaders.  Had they competed in the afternoon round, they would have tied a group that included their coaches and two of their fathers for first.  Proud of this group for chipping in to donate to a worthy cause and more importantly proud of these young men for all that they have become.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Last Monday was a sad day for several of the Heinisch children.  One of their elementary teachers died.  It was a tough blow for a lot in our community because she chose to commit suicide.  I decided from the beginning to be honest with my children as I know they would hear it from others soon enough.  They asked why, but didn't dwell on it for too long.  Maybe, that is because two high school students also chose suicide this year and two other students made attempts.  Or, it is because they remember her as a happy, fun, nice, energetic educator.

When Meg's friends were over the next evening, they naturally started talking about a teacher they all liked and the great stories of their "youth." Hers was the first class that I substituted in when I decided to go back to teaching.  It was such a fun class.  I shared those fond memories with the kids, and we all felt a little better. As the week wore on Meg and I debated about going to a visitation and/or funeral that we know would be extremely sad.  We both knew that we couldn't handle it, so we then spent a day thinking about ways to honor one who seemed to just love kindergarten.

Meg soon began telling a story about teasing Mrs. Nelson by asking her "are you missing, Mrs. Nelson?" in reference to one of Meg's favorite books, and then we knew - we'd donate books to the children's department at our public library in her memory.  That is where we saw Mrs. Nelson the most after Cameron and Meg left kindergarten.  She always had a smile on her face and a handful of picture books that she was checking out for her students.  That was how we wanted everyone to remember her.

So, an afternoon at Barnes and Noble was spent searching for just the right books.  Mo Willems was a favorite author of hers and treasured by he Heinisch family, so two books by him were chosen first. Then the search began for one that Meg insisted we find.  Luckily, they had one left so today we were able to hand these to our children's librarian with big smiles on our faces.

We hope that the children of Syracuse-Turkey Creek Public Library enjoy "A Big Guy Took My Ball," The Duckling Gets a Cookie," and "Miss Nelson is Missing" as much as we do.  We hope they develop the love of reading that a kindergarten teacher wanted to instill in them.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Last week I realized that Sundays have become one of my least favorite days of the week filled with laundry, cleaning, etc.  I asked the rest of the Heinisch family if we could change it up this week.  So,  this afternoon Cal, Cam, Doug and I played nine holes of golf.  Still have some work to do on my game, but overall we had a great time - Cal chipped it in twice, Doug had a birdie and Cam shot his all time low.

Doug grilled pizza for dinner and afterwards Meg and I took a bike ride.  I didn't quite have the stamina she does, but I did alright.  It's a good thing we bought Brett a truck.  It was a lot easier hauling my bike home when I had to give up!!  We followed Meg back as she finished up our trip!  I think three miles might be all my legs are up for yet!  Doug and I were even able to finish up the evening with a walk.

I still worked on the laundry today and spent an hour of more arranging a student credit card for Brett.  It was nice, however, to do something besides housework!  I even taught Brett how to do his own laundry, so he'll be ready for college.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mini Vacation

We arrived home at 4 this afternoon, exhausted, but happy!  It was a great mini vacation, jammed pack full of activities.  Along with the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame yesterday, we were able to play a round of "Goofy Golf."  It became a little tense as Doug was easily the winner, Brett had at least ten putts circle the hole and bounce out, and Cam found it to be the most challenging miniature golf course he had ever played.  Ice cream at Coldstone Creamery was next on our agenda, so no one could stay disappointed too long.

We spent the evening at a Hampton Inn a block off of the Bowling Green State University campus.  Cal and Doug were able to play a round of nine while Cam and Meg swam and Brett read.  On this trip Brett was able to finish a memoir of Pope Frances and several chapters of American Betrayal in the hope of soon starting Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The Heinisch children were thrilled to see a Buffalo Wild Wings right outside our hotel room window in the parking lot.  Dinner was spent there soaking in the Ohio sports atmosphere and boneless wings.

We were up early today, so that Cam, Meg, Brett and I could take in the Toledo Zoo.  It was a great experience.  Cam loved the gorilla that was sitting in the window ready for a picture and the hippos enjoying a bath.  Brett's favorite was the orangatun and Meg enjoyed the polar bears.  Doug and Cal were happy to be able to take in another round of golf, before we headed home.

Overall, it was great to get away.  Pretty soon the demands of school will end our summer jaunts.  Until then, we will enjoy these carefree days!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cleveland Rocks

We started our mini vacation at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.  This year's special exhibit was 50 years of the Rolling Stones.  As they are Doug's favorite band, we had to check it out. This has been our 4th trip to the Hall and once again, well worth it.  The Stones exhibit was jammed packed with memorabilia and highlights (and people) of their long time career.  I still find it challenging to look at them, but their music of the 1960s was fantastic.  It is amazing to me that they have physically survived this long with the fast life they have led.

We enjoyed the Hall's multitude of other exhibits as well. Cal has always been an Elvis fan and there was a large selection on his career.  In fact the Hall has designated him as the Father of Rock N Roll and it is hard to argue with that.  There was also sections devoted to the Beatles, important early influences to the beginning of Rock N Roll, and to the cities of musical trends - Detroit, San Francisco and more recently Seattle to name a few.  We all liked the outrageous outfits on display - Michael Jackson, Madonna, James Brown, etc.  Meg and I discussed the fact that Mick Jagger could probably fit into even the skinniest woman's clothing on display!  One of the highlights for me was the small exhibit on Rick Nelson.  It replays a 10 minute documentary of his music and what he loved about being a teen idol.  I absolutely loved watching The Ozzie and Harriet Show in reruns when I was Meg's age and remember exactly where I was when his plane went down New Year's Eve 1985 (Granny and Paw Paw's in Florida.)

As I reflect on our visit while watching Cam swim at the hotel, I have come to realize that there weren't a lot of families with young children at the Hall today.  Most were Brett and Cal's age.  All four of ours enjoyed the trip, but I wonder if that is because we have exposed them to so much of what we like that they were glad to finally see what we are talking about.  Music and the history of it are a huge part of Life in the Heinisch Home.  Can't imagine a trip without it!  Tomorrow I will add a "new" old song to the rotation - Garden Party!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

The 4th of July is always one of our favorite holidays as it is also Doug's birthday.  How great it is to know that he always has a day off from work and there are fireworks to end a day of celebration.  Today we went to my cousin's for a cookout/pool party.  We then stopped by the mall to pick up Doug's present at the Apple Store and several books from Barnes & Noble.

The boys went golfing while I packed for the weekend in Cleveland.  A bonfire, sparklers, and lasso golf all made for a great night at home.  Doug opened his gifts to find that everyone decided to replenish his wine bar!  German Chocolate cake, raspberry pie, sugar cookies and ice cream were on hand for dessert.  The only disappointing part of the evening was the fireworks.  It was not the town of Syracuse's fault.  Last year we sat under the Arch in St. Louis listening to the band Heart watching the fireworks.  There wasn't much this year that could compare, but at least now we know where the Heinisch children want to go next year for Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Vacation officially started this evening.  Tried to go to Joe's Ice Cream, a local favorite, but it was packed!  The Heinisch children didn't complain too loudly as we had taken Parce with us to Golden Corrall earlier in the day.  Cal had even passed on the trip for ice cream as he was still full from trying to out eat Parce.  They had talked pretty big before we left, thinking of having a "Monster Thick Burger" from Hardee's as an appetizer.  "It only has 1300 calories, Mom!"

Before we tried Joe's, Doug and I walked through the neighborhood.  There were a lot of families out and about.  We were stopped by several.  Right now the big story in our town is the resignation of the boys head basketball at our high school.  Everyone has an opinion and wants to ask ours.   (We don't really have one.  Cal loves playing basketball and will adapt to whomever the coach is!)

We ended the evening with our own personal firework show.  Some were duds, but the last one made up for them all.  Our neighbors were shooting off several of the big ones as well, so all in all a great start to our four day weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Cookout

Well, we survived a summer cookout with nine 7th graders.  Meg had asked if she got all A's this year, if she could have a party.  She held up her end of the bargain, so tonight was the get together she had wanted.  Until this week I didn't realize how much she and her friends had been planning this.   There was a guest list of both boys and girls, and for the most part they all got along well.

The night started with a round of badminton.  That turned into a wiffel ball game.  Doug made hamburgers and hot dogs.  They then had an egg toss, played dodge ball and a couple of games of sardines.  A bonfire with s'mores, snow cones and Wii party ended the evening of fun.

As I drove the girls home, one of them said, "This has been the best night ever."  I was glad to hear that.  It is challenging to entertain both boys and girls of that age, but as they all know each other so well, they easily included everyone.  I promised the girls that they could have a bonfire after one of the high school football games this fall.  Let the planning begin!

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Time in Three Years

Today I did something that I hadn't done in three years - I played golf.  I can't believe that I waited that long to go out again.  We have a family membership.  Cal plays almost everyday.  Doug goes out once or twice a week with one or more of the Heinisch children.  So, why have I waited so long to do something that used to mean the world to mean.  I guess life happens is all I can say!

I did have a lot of fun.  Brett, Parce, Mom, Meg, Cam and I made a unique group.  I would love to say I beat everyone, but my putting and a horrible number nine led to my demise.  Still I was able to shoot a legitimate 51 and it left me wanting to play again.  Thus, not to bad for a first time out in three years!  Pretty soon, even Cal will want to play with me (Ha! Ha!)