Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Relaxing Day for All

Doug, Cam, Meg and I all attended 11 a.m. mass together.  Normally, Doug doesn't like going that late, but as last night was spring forward for Daylight Savings he didn't mind sleeping in a bit.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at home.  I had substitute plans to write while Doug worked outside.  It has been a cold March so far, but it was warm enough to do some yard work.  Meg had a friend over for awhile and HM stopped by after she and Cal walked Winston.  Cam finished his Science Fair project and read his book.

My parents stopped by in the late afternoon.  We all watched Tiger's return with a second place finish in this weekend's tourney.  That should make for an exciting Masters in April.  After the golf tournament we all watched the NCAA selection show.  IU had no chance of making it, but the guys were all interested in the other teams chosen.  Only four of the Big Ten teams made the tourney so I have no idea who I will be rooting for.

Doug made dinner for all of us.  He was glad to be able to grill out.  Mom brought up fruit for all.  That along with the potatoes and avocado salad that Doug had prepared made for a delicious dinner.  The guys played pool after dinner.  When they were finished games of Buck Euchre and Hearts broke out.  While we were playing cards Meg worked on her room and Cal ran HM home.  As soon as he got back we started "The Shining."  Cal had read the book and really wanted to watch the movie.  Mom and Dad passed on the movie, but Cam joined us.  We made it through the first half.  It was as disturbing as I had remembered.  I think Cam handled it better than I did.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday - A Nice Break from the Work Week

Today was a nice break from the drudgery of Monday to Friday.  Although not overly warm, it was sunny and looked gorgeous outside.  Meg and I spent the morning at Teresa's.  She agreed to alter Meg's Prom dress for us.  We were happy with her suggestions and walked out knowing that it will fit perfectly in the end.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at home.  Meg had homework to do.  Doug worked for awhile.  I caught up on laundry.  Cal had filled his backseat with his before he came home.  Between that and Meg and Cam's weekly loads the washing machine ran the entire day.  Cam used his day to read.  He needs to finish a book before next Friday to reach his reading goal and made good progress today on it.  HM was at a track meet, so Cal went over to her house to walk Winston.  He has been making sure that he gets in 10,000 steps a day for the past month and would like to keep that up over break as well.

After HM's track meet the six of us went to dinner at Chubby Trout in Elkhart.  Doug had been there several times as that is an RV favorite.  The menu was limited for non-fish eaters, but the food we tried was very good.  Cam got to eat sushi for the first time ever and really liked it.  Everyone went their separate ways when we got home.  Cal headed to HM's and then to Nick LeCount's for the evening.  Meg finished her homework and Cam read.  Doug and I started the movie "Get Out".  It was nominated for an Oscar and had gotten rave reviews.  We didn't make it through all of it.  So far it has reminded us a lot of The Stepford Wives.  We were interested in seeing how it will end.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Cal's Home

Cal arrived home late last night as IU has Spring Break next week.  His last class ended on Thursday at 6:30, so he was thrilled to start a ten day break at home.  Last year he went with his friends to Florida, but was happy to hang out with all of us and HM this year.  Brett will be going on a mission trip to Chicago this Spring Break.  They are going to help with an after school youth program and work in a soup kitchen, among other volunteer work.  He leaves on Sunday and will come home next weekend to enjoy a few days here before he leaves.

I was glad to have Cal here to go to Bob's visitation with Mom, Dad and I.  It was sad to have to do, but important for all of us to be there.  Rena was holding up a lot better than I would have expected.  After we talked with her we did find several other people to catch up with.  Cal was the youngest person there, but yet knew so many of the visitors from either Tippy Country Club or Maxwelton.  In the end we decided that my Dad would be the perfect funeral home greeter.  He knows everyone in our area and enjoys talking with others.

Doug made dinner tonight for Cal, Doug, Cam and I.  Preston was in town, so Meg went to see "A Wrinkle in Time" with him.  They stopped at Steak and Shake afterward.  Cam, Doug and I stayed home.  Cal decided to go over to Cameron's later in the evening.  Jayce hung out with them there as well.  Doug and I rented "In the Name of the Father", a Daniel Day Lewis movie from the early 1990s.  It was very interesting.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

County Council

Doug had a county council meeting tonight.  He has been on the council for eight years and will be running for another term this fall.  He is the only name on the ballot for the Republican party so we know that he will definitely win the primary.  He has enjoyed being a part of local government and has brought financial experience to the council.  There have been times that the meetings have been heated, especially when the addition of the wheel tax was discussed and eventually passed.

Since Doug was at his meeting I decided to order out for Cam, Meg and I.  We wanted to try Pizza Hut's pasta dinners.  A student in my class had sold me a Pizza Hut card for his youth groups' mission trip fundraiser.  It allowed me to buy one pasta dinner and get one free.  Therefore, we tried the chicken alfredo and Italian marinara.  They were both delicious and a nice change from their pizza.  Doug was home later than usual as they had several presentations to listen to and items to discuss.  I used the time to watch Gotham with Cameron, grade papers, write sub plans and help Meg with her essay on Jane Austen.    Thus, it was a productive night for all of us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A March Snow Storm

The snow was coming down fast and furious this morning.  Doug said that he didn't have any problems driving in, but by the time that we had to leave for school it was another story.  I drove Meg and Cam to school and we were all glad that I did.  It was slick and hard to see in spots.  I thought that the roads were better as I got close to Milford, but as I approached the overpass, there was an accident that had completely closed state road 15.  I had to turn around and go out of my way to get around it.  I was almost ten minutes late to school.  When I called in Carol wasn't surprised as several others had already let her know that they would be late.  After Smart Start I found out that there was an another accident on state road 15 on the other end of Milford closer to Leesburg.  It had delayed students and staff coming from the south as well.  It would have been a nice day for a delay, but the snow arrived too late for them to call one.

I picked up Cam and Meg after school for tennis.  Meg had her last lesson before the start of tennis season.  Cam participated in a drop in session.  They both played well.  I ran to Walmart quickly while they were there to pick up a couple of items that we needed and couldn't find in town.  We had no more problems with the snow.  It was still on the grass, but no traces of it on the roads.  It would be nice if winter would move on out.  It just doesn't seem to want to end.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Basketball Awards

Tonight was the basketball awards night for the girls' team at Bethany.  Normally, I do not enjoy high school awards nights.  Tonight's was different, however.  The girls all seemed to really be friends.  They sat together during the presentations, laughed and had a lot of fun.  The slide show was a nice touch and every girl was given a copy of it to take home.  Bethany does not give chevrons for their lettermen jackets.  Instead those on varsity earn a basketball pin.  Meg received hers tonight.  It will be perfect on her Wawasee jacket as she had opted out of buying a Bethany one.

The best part of the night was listening to the coaches' speeches.  They were personal and filled with stories about each team member.  It was obvious that they all enjoyed coaching this group of girls.  Brent had nothing but praise for Meg and in the end presented her with the JV award.  We couldn't have been more pleased.  It was challenging to have taken two years off of basketball and then come back to it.  Meg worked hard, improved and by the end of the year was a leader on the JV team.  We were happy that she was recognized for it.  KP also had encouraging words to say about Meg.  She was glad that Meg found support and friendship on Bethany's basketball team and so were we.

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Sad Day for Golf Fans

Cam had to leave school early as he had gotten sick during ISTEP.  It seems that he is a lot better, but he just can't clear up his nose.  We don't know if it is the medicine or the nose that is making him sick to his stomach.  He did make it through the test.  They let him take a break and eat some crackers before he finished it.  He thought he still did well and was glad to be done.  They called me at 1 to pick him up.  I couldn't leave, so Doug left as soon as I called him.  I also got ahold of my parents.  They just happened to be in Goshen, so they met Doug there and took Cam home.

I went to my parents' house right after school.  Cam and I watched television with them for awhile and had just started to head out when Dad's phone rang.  We knew it was Rich and thought it was strange that Dad asked us to stay for a minute.  He put him on speaker phone and we couldn't believe what he was saying.  Bob Carlson had died suddenly that afternoon.  We were in complete disbelief.  He was part of Doug and Dad's trivia team Thursday night and they thought he looked well.

I called Doug to let him know and Dad called Cal.  I texted Brett to let him know and told Meg as soon as she got home.  Everyone was in shock.  I have known Bob and Rena since we moved here when I was in 4th grade.  They were always supportive of me and my family especially when it came to golf.  Bob loved to listen to everyone's golf stories.  He would put a positive spin on a tough round and give tips for what to try next time.  He was also a great friend to my Dad.  They shared a love of reading and would trade books throughout the winter months.  They had also traveled to Florida together over the years during the off season.  It will be hard to replace Bob at Maxwelton and for our family I know that the golf course will never be the same.