Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Day of Craziness

I spent all of yesterday getting ready for the winter storm that never came to fruition.  As we now have elearning days at Milford we have to have lessons online for students on all snow days.  Thus, I had to have four 30 minute lessons prepared and ready last night just in case the 3 to 5 inches of blowing and drifting snow developed.  I also had to make sure that Meg and Cam had everything at home in case they had their own virtual learning day.  Once Doug got home we then had to talk through what we would do if there were delays and/or cancellations as we weren't ready for Meg to drive on snow covered roads just yet.  During our discussion we even had to tell Meg and Cam to shut off their alarms so they could sleep in if given the chance.  

The one scenario that we had not prepared for was of course the one that occurred.  In fact in the three years that Cam had been at Bethany there had not been one time that Bethany had a delay and Wawasee did not, but that was exactly what happened this morning.  Doug and I were up before 6 and got the message at the same time.  It took a couple of minutes to talk through an alternate plan, but we decided the best option was for Doug to stay home in the morning and take Cam and Meg to school.  I would go to school and if there was an early release I would have to leave to pick them up.  

As I drove to school I couldn't believe how little snow we had gotten overnight.  The roads were completely clear and I had no problem getting to work.  That was not the case in Goshen as Bethany ended up cancelling school along with several other schools in Elkhart County.  Once Doug heard that he headed to work.  Since he could work from home, it was a lot easier for him to stay with Meg and Cam.  As Meg said later, "It's pretty hard to teach thirty children while sitting in your house."  I did think that I would have to take the afternoon off since they were home, but they actually did very well on their own.  My Mom brought up lunch for them and they spent the majority of the afternoon working on their assignments from Bethany.  By the time I got home at 3:30 they were ready to run to Dollar General for some "after school snacks."  

We spent the rest of the night at home.  Doug made it back after six and said that he had no problems on the roads.  He had work to do on his computer, so after dinner Cam and I decided to play Balance Boat on the Wii.  Meg also had homework to catch up on, so she decided not to join us.  She and Cam had played Mario Party earlier in the day.  It had been quite awhile since Cam and I played my favorite game.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to end a snow day.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Shaking My Head

Sometimes others make decisions that have left me shaking my head and wondering why.  I don't usually second guess them and only rarely ask them their thought process in making that decision.  I do not believe that I know everything or understand all possible outcomes to every question asked.  Thus, in general, I usually walk away from others without argument or even mentioning my differing opinion.

That changes, however, when a decision someone else makes directly effects me, especially if it takes away from what I value most - time with my family.  It is hard for me to respect someone who does not understand this. As I deal with a current situation I have found myself extremely frustrated for this very reason.  I do not see an easy way to resolve this problem as the person I am working with lacks organizational skills, and therefore, has made life challenging as we solve a common problem that should not even involve me.  One consequence to this situation is that I no longer feel obligated to help this person which will make my life a lot less complicated.  

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gift Wrapping Galore

Meg had a wonderful day today.  She spent the night with Jackie after the game yesterday and this afternoon she went with her family and Macinsy to Michigan City for a day of shopping to celebrate Jackie's 15th birthday.  She texted several times throughout the day to let us know what she was up to.  She was thrilled with all of the deals that she found.  They all ate dinner close to the outlet malls before heading home.  Doug picked her up in Goshen and Meg shared all of her purchases with me when she got back.  I was glad that she had fun and I enjoyed listening to her talk about her day with Jackie and Macinsy.

While Meg was out for the day, Cam and I used the time to wrap gifts.  He got all of his done fairly quickly, but it took me quite a bit longer.  In fact between laundry and gift wrapping there wasn't time for much else this afternoon.  That was alright with me.  Our tree was looking pretty bare.  It definitely seemed more festive by the end of the evening.

Doug spent a good portion of his day working, but he found time to set up the elliptical we ordered from Nordictrack.  He was able to try it out early in the evening and was pleased with his new piece of exercise equipment.  I can't wait to use it as well.  Walking still bothers my ankle and this shouldn't be as hard on my joints.  There was one disappointment of the day.  IU lost in the finals of the collegiate cup for soccer.  The game was so well played until the sudden death period.  One of IU's fullbacks tried to dribble out of the goal box and Stanford made him pay for it.  It had been such a great game.  It was tough to watch it come down to that.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our Chess Star

Today Cam had a chess tournament in Goshen.  It was an all day affair beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m.  Cam started off well winning his first three games.  One was against Kayden Mayer a fellow Bethany chess team member.  Cam said it was a close match, but he got out to an early lead and was able to hold on.  His fourth match was a close one as well, but ended with Cam on the losing side.  Therefore, he went into the final round in fourth place pitted against the third place opponent.  That game was the longest one of the day for Cam.  His opponent was a very deliberate player unlike Cam with his speedy pace of game.  At the one hour mark the head of the tournament brought out the clock. Cam was already up a chess piece by then and within ten minutes he finished him off with only a king and pawn left.

We had to leave as soon as he finished his last round to go to Meg's game at Lakeland.  Thankfully, Kayden and his mother stuck around to find out how Cam did.  They texted us to let us know that Cameron finished second after all of the tiebreaks were figured into the scoring.  We were thrilled.  Cameron was impressed with how well he did knowing that he hadn't been able to attend all of the chess club meetings that he wanted to even though he has been going to the first half and then to basketball practice.  He said at the last lesson he learned a new move with his pawn that he used on his final opponent and that was the difference in the game.  We were impressed.

Unfortunately, Meg's team did not have as good of a day as Cameron.  By the time we got to the game the junior varsity was in the second quarter and found themselves down 18-2 at halftime.  Meg played point guard in the fourth quarter and they did a lot better.  She was able to score six points in their loss and was the high scorer of the night.  Varsity lost big as well as did both of the boys's teams.  It was a rough night at Lakeland.  A day off tomorrow should help rejuvenate their spirits.

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's Friday, Friday, Friday . . .

Every Friday morning our vice principal plays a really annoying song called "It's Friday, Friday, Friday . . ."  It's loud, electronic and grates on most people's nerves.  Students, however, are immune to the irritating noise, especially the elementary children.  As soon as it comes on they scream, dance and sing along.  Although I can't agree with their sentiment for the song, I sure could dance along to the fact that it was Friday.

Today was no exception.  It had been a long week at work and our nights as a family were filled with constant activity, so there wasn't much time for rest.  In my math classes today I spent quite a bit of time working with students on retests and finishing homework.  My Warrior Time was hectic as we had to find time to finish the blankets for our Make an Impact project, and every spare minute in-between classes, at lunchtime and during my prep period was spent grading papers.  By the time 3:15 rolled around I was completely exhausted, but satisfied with the fact that I had finished everything that I needed to and could spend the weekend at home working on Christmas cards and gift wrapping.

Tonight my parents picked me up at 4:15 for Cameron's basketball game.  The boys got off to a slow start against Millersburg and just couldn't recover.  Cam was disappointed in another loss, but he has improved this season.  He stayed for the A game while Doug and I ran errands.  He was happy to show us the basketball he had won in the relays at practice.  Doug made a light dinner for everyone - summer sausage, cheese, crackers and queso dip.  It made for a great feast while watching the IU men's soccer game.  The Hoosiers made it to the Collegiate Cup which is the final four of soccer.  The game was a good one with IU scoring late off a corner kick.  North Carolina put a nice shot on goal with less than two minutes left.  It was just off the mark and IU held on to win 1-0.  They will play in the finals Sunday.  We're looking forward to spending the afternoon watching what will hopefully be their ninth national championship.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Great Night for All

Tonight was Doug's annual Christmas party.  This year it was held at Villa Macri's in South Bend.  Doug has worked at Renegade Rv for six and a half years, so we have gotten to know a lot of the employees and their spouses that attend the Christmas party.  I used to really dread going to these events, because I felt awkward.  It was nice not to have that feeling anymore and to be able to hold conversations with several of those in attendance.  The food was also delicious which made it even better.  Doug has worked hard this past year and his boss has recognized that on several occasions.  It was nice to reflect on a successful year with those that helped make it happen.

The only downside to Doug's party was that we had to miss Meg's basketball game.  Mom and Dad texted us several times to let us know how wonderful she was playing.  She played two quarters on the JV and three on the Varsity.  A good portion of the time she played point guard.  She scored five points in the Varsity game and made an and one.  She called us on the way home to let us know how happy she was.  We were glad to hear that.

Cam made a big step today in his road toward independence.  He went to practice after school, then stayed for Meg's game.  He hung out with his friends, ate snacks from the concession stand and cheered his sister on.  He waited for her at the ping pong table in the lobby afterward for a ride home all without help from his grandparents or us.  He liked being able to do his own thing and we were proud of his ability to take care of himself.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Family Sick Day

Last night Cam and Meg were both feeling under the weather.  Thus, we told them that they could sleep in and see how they were doing when they woke up.  Cam was the first one up.  He texted me at 9 a.m. and said that he just wasn't up for school today.  Therefore, I told him to take DayQuil, rest and see how he was feeling later.  I knew he was bummed, as he really wanted to go.  Meg was up next and said that she was much better than last night.  I was glad to hear that.  She took her time getting ready and had breakfast before she left.

Cam headed upstairs when she left.  He read for awhile and rested in bed.  Around 11:20 he came back down to say that he was thinking about trying school.  I told him that it was up to him.  He wasn't running a fever, but the drainage from his sinuses was making his throat quite sore.  He decided that he would go to school for the afternoon and try practice.  He promised to use his inhaler and sit out if he felt bad.  I dropped him off at Bethany at 12:15 just in time for band.  He took a second dose of DayQuil with him to take at 2.

While they were at school I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping.  I was able to find several items that I needed, but still have a couple to purchase.  Overall, however, I have checked off almost all of my list.  I arrived home close to 3:30.  Doug called and said that he would pick up Cam from practice.  I was glad to hear that as Meg had late practice and I would no longer have to run back to Goshen.

Cam came home and said immediately that he felt terrible.  His throat was so sore that he could barely swallow and his asthma was really bothering him.  We started talking through what to do about tomorrow when it dawned on me to take him to MedStat.  I knew that it would be hard to get into our family doctor tomorrow.  I had a meeting in the morning that I really needed to attend, so I couldn't be home until after 11:30 a.m.  Thus, urgent care seemed like the best option.  I was so glad that I took him.  There were several patients ahead of us, so our wait was about 45 minutes or so which wasn't too bad.  They were extremely attentive when we got back into the room.  They thoroughly checked him out and also did a strep test.  Since his lungs sounded clear and his strep test was normal they decided to treat his nose.  We left with directions to drink clear liquids, avoid all dairy and to take Mucinex DM.  Cam and I took off for CVS as soon as we left MedStat.  He was hungry when he got home, so Doug made him some spaghetti and a peanut butter sandwich.  He took his Mucinex and we were amazed that within an hour he was already feeling much better.  His plan when he went to bed was to go to school in the morning.  I was so happy to hear that.