Monday, January 21, 2019

Birthday, Braces & Senior Night

Today was a busy one for all of us.  Thankfully, Cam and Meg had the day off of school for Martin Luther King day, so we could handle all on our agenda.  First, Meg and I went to the orthodontist in Warsaw so that she get her braces.  It took awhile, but they looked good in the end.  She was happy to get the process started and it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would.

When we got back Cam and I went to Peterson's to celebrate his actual fourteenth birthday.  It was fun spending time with him and catching up on Big Ten basketball.  He remained optimistic that IU would finish the season strong.  Cam opted for the all you can eat fish which he made the most of ordering an additional helping.  I stuck with the one trip to the salad bar.  We both enjoyed it and made it back before Meg and Nick returned from Maria's.

The fun continued once we got home with a few games of Wii.  Cam and I mastered Balance Boat while Meg won on Wii Party.  My parents came up to play cards.  We started with partner Euchre which ended with a three way tie between my Mom, Cam and I.  My Dad was the big winner in Buck Euchre, so we decided to call it an all around tie on the day.

Tonight was Meg's senior night at basketball.  She left at 3:30 for their team meal.  Doug was there to help serve, which I appreciated.  My parents and I arrived at the end of the JV game.  It was crowded for a girls game and it was fun watching the boys cheer complete with "SENIOR" written on their chests.  We were all happy to see Meg start.  She played well against a tough Fairfield team.  At the end of the game the juniors all talked about the seniors individually.  They then gave them each a scrapbook of team memories and a rose.  The seniors took turns thanking the coaches, parents, fans and practice partners.  It was a nice ceremony.  I personally appreciated hearing all of the wonderful words shared about Meg.  She came late to the program and it was nice to know that she had made some awesome connections.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Birthday Celebration Part 2


Although tomorrow will be Cameron's official fourteenth birthday, we decided to celebrate it today.  Meg has senior night for basketball then and we knew it would be challenging to do both.  Cameron debated all week about where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner - Biaggi's or Mad Anthony's.  In the end the weather made the decision for him.  With the wind chill advisory set to start in the afternoon and the cold temperatures this morning, Doug thought it was best that we stay close to home.  He also made the decision to switch from a dinner to a birthday.  Thus, at one today we headed to Warsaw to start our celebration of Cameron.

Lunch was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the food.  Cameron ended up with a chicken flatbread, but had a hard time choosing his meal.  There were just too many items on the menu that he liked.  He was pleased with it and the Scooby snacks as appetizer.  Meg switched from a plain hamburger to meatballs which she also enjoyed.

Once we got home Doug, Cam and I played a couple of rounds of pool.  Doug showed no mercy, even though it was a day for Cam, and beat us in two out of three games.  We talked Meg into a game of Mario Kart before Nick arrived.  I finished in twelfth as always, but had fun just the same.  My parents arrived in time to watch the end of the Saints and Rams game.  Everyone was disappointed that a blown call ended New Orleans' season early.  Afterward Cam opened his gifts.  He was thrilled with his new Northwestern shirt, IU shorts, and IU Lego.  The most interesting gifts of the evening were a bucket of coleslaw from my parents and The Donner Dinner Party game from Brett.  Since we had cake on Friday, tonight we sang to Cameron around a big cookie.  The rest of the evening was spent playing Euchre and watching an intense Patriots/Chiefs game.  It was a good night for both as Tom Brady once again led his team to victory and Cam won at cards.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Another Saturday, Another Snow Day

The snow that they had predicted all week finally arrived today.  Thankfully, it was pretty light in the morning, so Doug was able to take all of the boys home without too much difficulty.  Cam said that he had had a great time last night.  The only down part was having Joey leave early due to illness.  Overall, it was an easy party for us to manage.  I had the basement picked up and back to normal by the time he and Doug returned from Goshen.

The snow increased in intensity after lunch and the winds became stronger.  Thus, the rest of the day was spent at home except for when Doug and Cam went to my parents to shovel their drive.  Meg had been working on a project and I was thankful for a free afternoon to help her.  We were able to watch Dumplin' while we were working on it as well.  We had wanted to do so since Christmas, but hadn't been able to find time.  It was just as good as Meg said it was.

Doug and Meg made dinner tonight.  Doug's choice was minestrone soup and Meg picked macaroni and cheese, one of her favorite recipes from Mrs. Fick's class.  After dinner Meg decided to watch more Netflix.  Breece invited Cam to play in a PS4 Rocket League tournament.  Doug and I used the quiet evening to work on my Peter Pan puzzle and watch the final movie that we rented from the library, Sully.  At the end of the evening I realized that I had watched six movies since last weekend's snowstorm.  All were interesting in their own right, but I think that The Hangover was probably my favorite.  I would have never guessed that, but with the comedy and Bradley Cooper starring in it, I really did enjoy watching it.  

Friday, January 18, 2019

Birthday Party #1

Tonight was Cameron's 14th birthday party.  He had planned it for weeks, and for awhile we thought that it would have to be postponed because of the impending snowstorm.  Doug and I talked at lunch, however, and decided that we go through with the party and buy extra food in case we had to keep them all longer than planned.  The thought of that reminded me of the weekend that Cal's friends from the high school basketball team woke up from a night at our house to nine inches of snow.  They spent thirty-six hours together, buried Alex's car in the snow and made some of them favorite high school memories.

Doug met the boys at Bethany at 5:45 tonight.  They had stayed for the middle school girls game.  Mom and I had decorated the house, so it was ready when they got home.  Once they arrived the Play Station, pool table and basketball hoop became a focal point of activity.  I ordered pizza for them from Meg's game.  When I got home I was happy to hear a lot of screaming, yelling and laughing coming from the basement.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Cameron and Avery as his 14th birthday was actually today.  The boys enjoyed cake and ice cream and then headed outside a several games of Ghost in the Graveyard.  I thought it was cold, but Cam and Breece said that they didn't notice because of all of the fun they were having.

Meg and Nick were here for a little while after her game.  She was happy with her playing time and proud of her five points.  It was a lot of fun watching her have success.  Their game was cancelled already for tomorrow, because of the storm brewing.  That will give her time to work on a couple of projects.  I should have time to help her, so it should go a lot quicker.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another Day Indoors

After walking outside almost everyday since June, I have had to get my steps indoors this week.  I appreciate having a big basement as I can still get my 10,000 daily steps doing laps around the rooms, but I have to say that it just hasn't been as much fun.  I have thought about going to the community center in North Webster for something different, but I haven't as I would still be indoors.  I was probably the only one excited that it snowed today, because at least I was able to get outside to shovel.  I not only got some fresh air, but was able to add 2,000 steps to my daily total.  This weekend the snow won't even help get me outside as we have extreme windchills coming in behind the predicted storm.  Thus, I will just have to get used to being inside for the next couple of weeks or so.  Thankfully, December's weather was mild.  That helped break up the long season and delay the winter blues.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Typical Wednesday Schedule

Today was a typical Wednesday in the Heinisch home.  Cam and Meg had hoped for a delay, but only schools south of theirs received one.  I spent my day at home working on Sports Illustrated magazines, walking and doing laundry.  I was happy to receive an offer on one that we posted on Ebay.  My goal when we started was earning a $100 on them.  I'm interested to see if that happens.

I heard from both Brett and Cal this afternoon.  Brett had not received any updates from his job interview last week in Shelbyville, but was happy to report that the mayor's office of New York had emailed wanting to interview him next week for a policy position.  That was impressive.  He will know more next Wednesday.  Cal has decided to drop the 3/2 master's program and instead earn his four year degree in accounting, finance and analytics.  It will change his career path, but still make him highly employable in the business world.  He has to meet with his counselor tomorrow and verify the changes.  Both Doug and I supported that decision.

Tonight Cam and Meg had piano which they both enjoyed.  Afterward Meg went to Nick's for dinner.    Her mouth was still hurting so she was happy to see that macaroni and cheese was on the menu.  Nick found out yesterday that he was accepted into the flight program at Purdue.  That was impressive as they only accept seventy students.  Needless to say he was very happy.

Cam spent the rest of his evening watching Big Ten basketball.  Doug and I went to dinner in town.  We made it back before the end of the Penn State game.  Cam kept us updated throughout the night.  I had picked out several movies from the library, and Doug decided on The Post for this evening.  It was interesting and not as anti-Nixon as I would have thought.  I was glad that we finally were able to see it as it had been on our watchlist for quite some time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Quiet Day

It was a quiet day here in the Heinisch home.  Cam and Meg had school and Doug was busy at work. I went to physical therapy first thing this morning and then spent the rest of the daylight hours working on Sports Illustrated magazines and walking in the basement.  My arm did feel better and I was able to sort through a decade of magazines and to walk 8000 steps before I had to pick up Cam from chess club.

Tonight was busier for all.  Doug went to Meg's game at Concord high school.  It was a tough one for the girls with the ending score being a twenty-seven point difference resulting in Bethany's loss.  Meg said that it was intense one for Bethany.  She was happy with her playing time, however, and even more excited to report that she was not hurt during the game.  Her team has been plagued with late season injuries and she has wanted to avoid one.

While they were at the game, I took Cam to tennis.  He was glad to be back on the court.  I ran to Walmart while he was playing, but made it back in time to watch the end of his session.  I was impressed with how well he hit his backhand.  He had switched to a heavier racket which made his shot even harder.  He told Doug he was rusty last week, but it sure didn't look like it tonight.  Tennis season has always been my favorite.  I can't wait for it to start for both Meg and Cam.