Saturday, June 17, 2017

Taste of Bloomington

Doug was up early this morning to jog.  It was already hot and humid by the time he got back at 8 a.m.  I got up early as well as I wanted to hit the Farmer's Market for breakfast.  I found some delicious black raspberries for Cam and Meg and a cookie for me.  Doug like the breakfast tacos and Parce tried a tamale.  We woke Cam and Meg up when we got back so they could shower.  We walked up to the Art Fair on the Square and found some awesome booths.  We ended up buying a hummingbird feeder, a butterfly plant stand and two pairs of earrings.  After that we went to the Union.  Doug, Cam and Meg all wanted to play tennis and I wanted to do some Father's Day shopping.  We were all successful and ready for lunch afterward.

We had lunch at Noodles & Company on Kirkwood which has always been one of Cam and Meg's favorite.  We did some more shopping at the mall.  Cam picked out a gift for my Dad while I bought some candles at Yankee Candle.  Meg and I both found shirts as well.  I really needed one for the hot weather and was glad to find a couple that I liked.  We stopped at the Taj Mahal of Kroger's afterward to buy lunch for tomorrow's picnic at Oliver Winery.  I so wish we had a Kroger like it near us.

We headed back to Parce's afterward to rest before Taste of Bloomington and to watch the U.S. Open.  Doug walked over to the Taste before we did.  I met him at the jazz bands a little later and tried some sangria with him.  Parce, Meg and Cam walked over around 4:30 and we found some great food to taste - smoked corn, spicy meatballs, buffalo mac and cheese and more.  Cam and Meg were also happy with the Kona snow cones as they could make their own.  The three of us then headed back to the apartment to cool off and play Cam's "Rolling America" game for about an hour or so before meeting up with Parce and Doug again.  We actually found a jazz band that we all liked before staking out territory for the main attractions - Hairbangers Ball."  They were late getting started, but once they did we were all glad that we stayed.  They were just as good as last year and played several of my favorites.  I was most proud of the fact that Cam and Meg knew every song that was played.

We headed home at 9:30.  It was earlier than we had planned, but we were all exhausted form the walking and the heat.  Doug bought breadsticks for everyone and we decided just to relax at Parce's.  There was a lot of lively conversations and we finally called it a night at 11:30.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate Father's Day weekend.

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