Thursday, June 29, 2017

Strangely Quiet!

It has been strangely quiet here the past twenty-four hours.  Meg left yesterday with Bethany's basketball team for a four day trip to Vincennes.  I have heard from her via text several times since she left and Cal and Cam are here, but without Meg the quantity and frequency of conversation at our home has diminished.  Although, I miss her, I am proud of her for going with the team.  It is a wonderful way to get to know her classmates.

Cameron had been wanting to go see the movie "The Mummy."  Since Meg did not want to see it we thought that this would be the perfect day to go.  We first went to Kohl's to do some shopping.  Cam wanted to find a pair of pink shorts to match his flamingo shirt.  He got a lot of complements on it yesterday at the golf tournament.  He thought the shorts would make it even better.  Unfortunately, we struck out.  Either the shorts were way too big or the wrong color.  We had a lot better luck with the movie.  I was afraid that it would be too scary for Cam or I, but it wasn't.  The mummies were kind of fake looking so that helped.  The storyline was good and we both liked Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll.

Tonight Cam had soccer.  I dropped him off and Doug picked him up.  I had to vote in the Tippecanoe Township Advisory board special elections.  Soccer went well for Cam.  Cal worked during the morning, but was around the rest of the evening.  HM came over later.  We enjoyed watching them spend quite a bit of time trying to get the ladder ball golfballs out of a tree.  Cam threw them up there when he was trying to avoid letting me win.  They moved them, but they are still stuck.  Hopefully, the next storm knocks them down.

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