Saturday, June 3, 2017

State Track Finals

We left yesterday at 5:30 for Bloomington for Hannah Marie's state track meet.  We had talked about leaving earlier, but Doug had to work and Meg had open gym.  In the end we were glad that we left that late.  State Road 37 was still under heavy construction and getting through it earlier in the day would have caused our trip a lot of delays.

Once we got to Bloomington we unloaded the van at Parce's.  Everyone chose Mother Bear's for dinner and we ran into HM and the track team there.  They had a good day cheering on the member of the boys team that made it to state.  Dinner was good and we were in and out a lot quicker than I thought we would be with all of the track teams that were seated around us.  Once we got back to Parce's Cal and Doug took a walk.  Meg, Cam and I visited with Parce before heading to bed.

This morning we headed to the Farmer's Market to buy scones and bundt cake for breakfast.  Next time I am bringing a cooler, so that we can pick up some fruits and vegetables to bring back with us.  We stopped at Kroger and Noodles & Company to pickup lunch for the winery.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and several other families had the same idea that we did.

We had time before the meet to stop at the College Mall.  I needed some more candles, so Meg, Doug and I headed to Yankee Candle.  Cam and Cal did some shopping at Dick's.  Cal bought a new pair of tennis shoes for $40.  He was proud of that.  He hadn't bought new tennis shoes since October of 2015.  They then checked out the dogs at the pet store while we were at Journeys.  The shoe store had the cutest pair of Peanuts Vans.  Neither Meg nor I bought them, but we have them on our list for our back to school shopping excursion.

We got to the state meet at 2:15.  We all wore our Lamle Long Jumping shirts.  Mike and Robyn had just gotten there as well.  Hannah Marie's aunt and uncle also joined the group.  It was a lot of fun watching her compete.  She did well and we were all proud of her for making it as far as she did in the state tournament.  Unfortunately, she did not make the top ten finalists, but she definitely gave it her all.

After the meet we took the Lamle's on a walking tour of campus.  They had only been to IU one other time.  Campus was gorgeous and there were two different weddings happening.  One was at the chapel and another close to Sample Gates.  We spent time on Kirkwood before heading to Upland Brewery for dinner.  Parce (aka Jerry Skaggs) joined us as well.  I was afraid we would have to wait quite a long time as there were 11 of us, but we were seated within fifteen minutes.  Dinner was a lot of fun.  We enjoyed visiting and the food was delicious.  We even got to see the Oliver Winery hot air balloon take off.  After we ate, we all walked back to Parce's.  The Lamles had rooms at a bed and breakfast near his apartment.  Cal and HM decided to take a walk.  The rest of us split up from there and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  It was a great day.

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