Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soccer Practice Duo

Tonight both Cam and Meg had soccer practice at Bethany from 6 to 7:30.  It was the first time that Meg had driven Cam to Bethany and it went pretty well.  Not only did they ride over together, they actually ended up practicing together with the middle school boys scrimmaged against the girls.  Cam thought it was a lot of fun and felt he played well.  He had learned from watching Meg that when he gets put in at midfield drift toward the forward line.  It worked for him just as it had always worked for her and that way he didn't get as tired as he normally would at midfield.  Meg's take on practice was that the middle school boys and high school girls do a lot of arguing and trash talking when they play together.  Other than that she enjoyed it as well.

I was glad that Cam went to soccer.  He was still tired from his tournament yesterday and he had also walked 18 holes today at Raccoon Run.  He and Meg had piano lessons this afternoon and we stopped for ice cream at the Chief beforehand.  Thus, he did have some time to rest.  After going he decided that he will definitely be going back on Thursday.  Meg won't be able to join him as she will be in Vincennes with the basketball team.  

Once they got home Meg went to Pat's Chicago Dogs to have dinner with Nate Haines.  She has been enjoying the newfound freedom that having a driver's license brings.  I did finally get the truck cleaned out today, so she can call it hers.  I am interested in seeing if Cal claims it back for the next couple of days while she is gone.

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