Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Legally Blonde

Tonight Cam, Meg and I went to see Legally Blonde at Amish Acres.  We were skeptical going into it that it would be good, but in the end we all really enjoyed it.  The music was fantastic and the acting was great.  Each of us had the "omigod" song stuck in our head the rest of the evening.

While we were at the musical Doug went to the caucus to vote for the new sheriff of Kosciusko County.  Normally, I vote, but as my vice precinct committee person, he could vote instead once I filled out a letter of proxy.  It was important for one of us to be there and I was glad that Doug volunteered to do so.  Our sheriff was arrested for accepting a bribe from an inmate.  This inmate was having unsupervised visits with a member of the community in which they planned ways to milk their church congregation for money.  Once one of a police officers found out the sheriff threatened him if he told.  In the end the sheriff had six felony counts against him, but once he went to trial he ended up with only one charge of intimidating a witness.  He received probation and community service.  That sentence left a bitter taste in much of the mouths of a lot of community members.

The vote was big news in our area.  Doug said that there were television cameras in the courtroom and the fire marshall had to limit the number of spectators.  Overall, there were six men running for sheriff this evening to fill the last year and a half of the term.  We knew going in that it was a long shot that the sheriff's long time friend and former sheriff himself wouldn't win, but Doug wanted to see change.  Unfortunately the majority did not agree with him and Kosciusko County once again came across as a good old boys network.  Between this vote and the one two weeks ago it has been disappointing to see that the Republican party of our county cannot value change.

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