Sunday, June 4, 2017

Home Again

We left this morning from Bloomington around 10 a.m.  Everyone was pretty quiet on the ride home. We had a fantastic weekend, but it was exhausting.  The trip back was uneventful and we were able to drop Cameron off at Evan's by 1:30.  They had invited him over to hang out and then go to see "Superwoman."  He had a lot of fun and highly recommended the movie.

Meg and I spent a good portion of today resting.  I still don't have my stamina back from when I was sick.  I was at least able to unpack and get the laundry going.  I also watched more of Parenthood.  I am almost done with the series.  It has been very good so far.  Aaron was supposed to come over and hang out with Meg, but his mom wouldn't let him as they were gone all day at graduation open houses.  That was disappointing as they had a lot of plans made for this evening.  Hopefully, Wednesday night will work for him.  Cal visited with HM before watching game one of the NBA finals.

Doug was busy as always.  He mowed the yard and then got all of the tables set up for the garage sale.  He even brought a truck load of boxes over from Mom's.  I was too tired to do much with the it today, but am planning on starting tomorrow.  Glad that we started ten days early.  Otherwise, I would never be ready.  We definitely cleaned out a lot last winter.

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