Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Joshua!

Today my Mom's family gathered to celebrate Joshua Pancoast's 1st birthday.  It was special to everyone especially knowing how challenging it was for Jeannette to have a child.  When her twins died a year and a half ago I know that I prayed that she would one day know the excitement of raising a child to his or her first birthday.  Thus, it was a lot of fun celebrating with him.  It was also the first time my Mom's family had gotten together since last August when LaMarr was here visiting.

The weather was a little cooler than originally forecasted, but the children didn't mind.  They all went swimming and Cameron had fun on the Millennium Falcon float.  We were able to catch up with everyone and found out some scary news about one of the cousins.  Hopefully, it will pass into nothing.  There was also a mishap with my plate and the sliding screen door, but it made for a great story later.  Joshua was one of the few one years that I have seen really get into devouring the cake.  He finished it off pretty well while covering himself and his high chair with red frosting.

Overall, Meg, Cam, Doug and I enjoyed the afternoon and were glad that we could be there for the celebration.  Afterward we stopped at mini-golf in Mishawaka.  It has been awhile since we had played.  Doug was once again the winner, although it was a lot closer than the last time we played.  Once we got home Cam went over to Mom's to play games.  Meg had a tennis match with Nate and Nathan which ended at Joe's ice cream.  Doug and I had dinner at Kelly Jae's.  We hadn't been there in quite some time and it was nice to get away.  We all met up at our house for a bonfire.  By the end of the night the shelf was almost gone, but we still have enough wood for one more fire.  It was a wonderful way to end a cool summer day.

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