Thursday, June 1, 2017

Haircut Time

I really wanted to get my haircut last week, but we were swamped with end of the school year activities and Brett's visit.  Thus, I had to wait until today.  Meg also wanted her haircut, so she went with me.  She took more off of hers with three inches to my one, but she had more to cut.  We were both happy with how they turned out.

From the hairdresser we headed to Warsaw.  Meg needed fabric for a project and I wanted a new fountain for our backyard.  Preston called as we were leaving.  He had just finished working and wanted to walk to our house.  Meg told him that we would meet him there.  Once we got back Meg, Cam and Preston decided to go swimming at Mom's.

Cal also had a friend come over tonight.  He graduated from Concord and lived on the same floor as Cal this year at IU.  They went to Chubbie's for dinner and then to HM's to go out on the boat.  Alex and Jayce stopped by after that, so they could all watch the first game of the NBA playoffs.  The game wasn't quite as good as they hoped, but they had fun watching it together.

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