Friday, June 2, 2017

Giving It a Try

When Meg decided to transfer to Bethany her main objective was to get a fresh start with new friends and a supportive learning environment.  Our hope for her was to be challenged academically and to find the rigor needed in her high school classes to prepare her for college.  We discussed some of the extracurricular activities that Bethany had to offer, but those were never our main focus.  Now that she has been enrolled and the IHSAA cleared her to play sports at Bethany, Meg has had time to think out what she wanted to try.  Today it was basketball.  Meg hadn't played competitively for two years, but felt that she did well for her first time out.  She really liked the coach and found all of the girls to be supportive and friendly.  There's a tournament in Vincennes at the end of June that Meg has decided to participate in with the Bethany team.  We were excited to here that she enjoyed it.  We do not care which extracurricular activities that Meg choses, but we realize that meeting classmates before the start of school will make the transition in the fall so much easier.

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