Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garage Sale Madness

Mom was up early this morning with pops and breakfast for Meg and I.  It was drizzling, so we waited until closer to 8:30 to drag everything out.  It took us about a half hour or so, but we were set up and ready by 9 as promised in our ad.  It started a little slow at first, but luckily one of the neighbors told me that someone took our sign at the end of the road.  I was totally surprised, but so glad that she told us as no one would have known that we were having a sale without it.  I remedied the situation as quick as I could and from that point on until late in the afternoon we were swamped.  I absolutely couldn't believe it as I was so afraid that we would have very few people and that none of our items would sell.  We didn't have any big ticket items, but we did have a lot of nice items.  By the end of the day we were well over half way to our goal.

Meg helped in the morning and Cam took over in the afternoon.  He had a golf tournament in Nappanee today and he and Dad enjoyed lunch at 6 and 15 afterward.  It wasn't Cam's best round, but he did learn a lot from it.  Meg had 7 v 7 tonight, so she and I left at 4:15.  We were a little early, so we waited in the van for about ten minute before any of the other Bethany teammates arrived.  I loved it when one of them saw her and started waving right away.  She has really enjoyed being a part of something as supportive as she has found Bethany to be.  She's also had a chance to meet a lot of her classmates before August, which will make the transition process a lot easier.

Meg's first game was against Wawasee.  I know that she wanted to play well and it was nice to see her do so.  She scored three goals and had a very nice assist.  It was fun to hear her 7 v. 7 teammates cheering her on.  They ended up winning the game 9-1.  The second game was against Northridge,  and the girls did well.  They lost 5-1, but had some nice shots and were never out of the game.  Afterward we went to Antonio's for dinner again.  We like their pizza.  Cam said he'd go with us next week if we promise to get dessert.  

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