Monday, June 19, 2017

Cleaning Up

Today I started putting away all of the garage sale items that were left.  Clean up is alway easier and I was so excited to see how much we sold.  In total we made over $555 as a family which was quite a bit more than I expected.  The best part, however, was to see how little was left.  We boxed it up for Mom's sale in August hoping to get rid of more.  Whatever doesn't sell at hers we plan to donate.  I may keep some of the books and games for school, but other than that we do not want to bring any of it back,

Meg started basketball camp this afternoon at Bethany.  It has been a little overwhelming getting back into a sport that she hasn't played competitively for two years.  Everyone has been supportive of her and she definitely has met other students.  It has been tough being the new girl but that will change as time moves on.

Cameron had a disappointing day.  Every time he got ready to go to the golf course, it started to rain.  By the time it finally cleared up, it was too late to go.  He did have fun playing in our yard and trying out the Ladder Golf.  The rain changed Cal's plans as well.  He was supposed to work, but was sent home by 2 p.m.  He spent the day hanging out with friends instead.  I know the boys did't like it, but I won't complain about the rain as we needed it and it kept me from having to water my flowers.  

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