Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Fantastic Round of Golf

This morning Cameron had his third junior golf tournament of the year.  Normally, my parents take him to these events, but as they left for Las Vegas yesterday, I gladly volunteered.  His tee off wasn't until 10 a.m. which meant that we didn't have to leave for Erskine Golf Club until 8.  Cameron was in the first group and started off pretty well.  He bogeyed the first hole, but hit the ball well.  One of the boys in his group birdied the same hole, so he was two down to start.  From there Cam turned it on and played fantastically.  He birdied the next hole and except for one fast downhill putt and a drive in the trees, he scored almost perfectly ending with a 39.

Cameron still had to wait for three groups to finish to find out how he placed.  He wasn't too nervous as he knew that 39 was a great score especially since it was only two over par.  I was impressed with his playing today.  It definitely was a lot different than when I used to walk with Cal in the junior tour.  Then players weren't even allowed to talk to their parents.  Now they can have a caddy.  Almost no one had a pull cart when Cal played, now everyone does.  The caddies were even pulling the carts for the players.  Cam said that they could give help except around the green.  I didn't pull his cart for him except between the green and the tee.  That way I didn't have to watch everyone putt as putting makes me too nervous.  I did talk through Cam's thought process as he played, however, and for the most part Cameron didn't need much help.  He and Cal play a completely different game.  Cal worked on hitting the long ball.  He had the size to do so.  Cam instead had been working on course management.  He plays a lot like I used to when I played competitively.  It's a lot easier to watch.  His drive was a lot shorter, but it didn't stray too far from the fairway.  Cal calls that kind of game boring, but it was the way I loved to play.

It took about forty-five minutes for all of the groups to finish and the scores to be calculated.  In the end Cameron finished in first place and took home a very nice trophy.  The win also qualified him for the tournament of champions that will be played at the Notre Dame Golf Course later in July.  Proud of his work this summer.  Glad that I could be there to watch.

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