Friday, June 30, 2017

A Day Off

Cal didn't have to work today, so he spent most of it at home.  He has worked quite a bit this summer and has done well with tips.  He has decided to invest a small part of his money and save several thousand for spending money at IU.  He has also been a lot happier this year as he hated working in a factory last summer.  It paid well, but it just wasn't a lot of fun.  This summer he has been outside working with his friends.  He has also learned how to interact with customers which will benefit him greatly in the future and has played a lot of golf.

Cam and I were home most of the day as well.  We did make it to the library.  We were looking for the book "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."  They couldn't find it, so we put a hold on one.  I also had him go with me to Ace to help carry bird feed.  Usually Meg goes, but without her here, he became the designated errand runner.  We got in a bike ride/walk and a game of ladder golf before the rain hit.

Doug, Cam and I had plans to golfing when he got home.  Cal even talked about going with us.  Once the rain started, however, Cal and I opted out.  Doug said he'd take Cam.  I told them to go without me and I would come and pick them up if the rain got heavier.  I worked on my photo album while they were gone.  After an hour or so, I decided to check on them.  They were just approaching 16 green and although they were soaked, they wanted to finish out.  Glad that Doug was game for taking him.  I hate being wet.

After golf Doug, Cam and I went to the new Italian place in Warsaw for dinner.  Cam had never been there.  He really liked it.  We brought Cal back a pizza.  While we were eating he was able to finish his midterm for Macro Economics and catch up on some assignments for next week since we will be gone.

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